Apple wants the iPad to replace both laptop / tablet and console games.

When Apple separates the iOS version for the iPad into a new operating system (“iPadOS”), anyone can understand that Apple tablet users will be upgraded to new heights. And indeed, with mouse support, external memory support or game support (controller), the iPad experience has now gone from page to page.

Unfortunately, this significant step forward of the iPad is still incomplete. It is not clear whether Apple will support USB reading for Lightning-based models, but perhaps this will be a special feature for USB-C on iPad Pro. Most mouse features are “touch emulator” and therefore quite difficult to use. The power to handle games and game warehouses is still not enough to allow the iPad to replace cheap PC models, which already have a huge “retro” game store on Steam and GOG. The “top” games on the iPad still stop at the PS2-Xbox generation, such as Vice City or Knights of the Old Republic.

However, those limitations have also been more than enough for iPad history in particular and PC history in general to page. iPad is now more than enough to replace cheap Windows laptop / tablet, or even ChromeBook!

Just good enough.

Why? If you look at the history of the iPad, you will realize that they have never been classified as “need”. What users really need can be solved by smartphone or laptop. But people still buy laptops, because in this age everyone has a smartphone to text the web when they need it, a PC at work to work and a console to play games. The iPad fits nicely into the other niche: when watching Netflix or surfing the web at home, using the iPad will bring a more enjoyable experience than smartphones and more convenient than laptops.

Improved iPad OS makes this “niche” experience even more valuable. Play games for example. Users can use the Xbox One handle or PS4 handle with the iPad. If you want to experience the childhood days with Vice City or Knights of the Republic on the good handles, you will surely be waiting for iPad OS.

Similarly, the ability to connect external memory (memory card or USB plug directly) will also help the iPad Pro become a more viable alternative to low-cost laptops. The ability to use the mouse is not really complete, but it will be very helpful in text editing. Widgets and multitasking help users to receive more information, do more tasks at the same time.

The iPad has become a super-powerful device that can replace smartphones, laptops and even game consoles. Again, these are all things that a cheap laptop can do, even better. But users probably already have PCs that are good enough for work, why spend money to buy cheap tablets / laptops to surf the web, read books, watch videos, which are all things that iPads do better? Why should I search for Windows touch experience when the iPad has an app store that has been invested to the point that Google does not dare to develop Android tablet to compete.

No need to think.

Apple-iPadOS-1 Apple wants the iPad to replace both laptop / tablet and console games.

Even if you need to do a little work at home, why not use the iPad when this tablet is good enough for light work? Remember, the iPad has always hit the “unnecessary” demand, and the iPad is now the best device in this group.

Most importantly, the most recent 2-generation 9.7-inch iPad starts at $ 300, even cheaper at the sale season. In terms of price competition, only ChromeBook is available, but they bring an over-limited experience. Looking for a laptop hybrid tablet model running Windows at this price is not easy, not to mention the Windows touch experience is still inferior to the iPad, stability and ease of use are also inferior. The iPad does not need to replace all that a PC can do, just replace it with “just enough” … Just like that, the reason why a cheap tablet / laptop exists will be more and more disappear.