How did the iPhone lose its originality?

Apple, the world’s most famous phone maker, now has to follow and mimic the trend of smaller companies, the iPhone is no longer a leader in the design style of the entire market.

There is almost nothing to hide when the design of the iPhone 11 model has leaked and spread throughout social networks or technology websites. The current news trend does not allow Apple to conceal its product design thoroughly until the launch date as many years ago.

This year, users as well as the tech community are still discussing, examining every detail as well as not forgetting or complaining about the new iPhone design. But unlike every year, the atmosphere seems to be different.

Gone are the days when only a vague information leaked by Apple could also cause storms. No longer is the whole industry producing smartphones running to copy Apple’s new designs, even eating in a crude way like cloning “rabbit ears”, TouchID or dual camera systems.

Bored in design ideas.

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The new design of the iPhone 11 seems to be no longer attractive, attractive and unique to make other manufacturers rush to launch new products with “original copy” appearance to salvage somewhat excitement. interesting of users.

“iPhone 11 has three cameras? Uh, I also have the following 4 camera smartphone!”

“Will Apple redesign the camera cluster? Will soon have smartphones with triangular, rhombus or circle camera”.

“Upgrading the configuration with a large battery, improving FaceID? I found the face identification with the fingerprint in the screen on my smartphone is also sufficient security.”

The boredom and frustration of consumers is caused. It’s not natural that loyalty to the iPhone is at the lowest point in history, ever since this line of products was released. Because of what you can expect on the iPhone, you can easily see and experience it on Android phones, at a much lower cost.

Considering a unique rear camera cluster, many other smartphones have gone ahead with 4 even 5 cameras. Consumers can choose products with a wide range of horizontal, vertical, circular or rectangular lenses. Apple ‘s square camera cum, now is simply one of the types of designs that designers can think of, not something new or unique. The technology of making camera phones also allows creating super-sharp images, super-zooms, making the concept of “photos from the iPhone always the best” gradually fading. Many iFan even expect that cameras on new iPhone models to catch up with Google Pixel technology or Huawei are enough to make them “warm”.

And unless the iPhone 11 is designed to be folded, square or curved like a banana or can see through from front to back, otherwise no manufacturer will mimic Apple’s design anymore. Gone are the days when Apple only needed to extend the width or the width, reducing the size of the thickness can also get howls from the fans. For years, smartphone design trends have always been the same or even bigger. Along a rectangle, there are hundreds of smaller phones, equal to or bigger than the iPhone. Every standard of appearance is almost no distance.

iPhone is losing the standard.

“Rabbit ears” when released is one of Apple’s successful features combined design. But it also nearly ends the creation on the iPhone of “apple houses.” In the context of phone design and production trends change day by day, home people find ways to bring selfie cameras to new locations like “punch”, “pop-up”, “fish fins” or side by side. Apple will have to stick to this “rabbit ears” for a long time.

Because Apple’s rabbit ears come with unique 3D and FaceID camera systems, a technology that cannot imitate but occupies a lot of space. Unable to copy, other manufacturers can completely ignore and find the right direction. They can use the fingerprint sensor or normal face recognition sensor and then place the selfie camera anywhere you want to increase the screen display area.

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Abandoning the “iPhone standard” ring, the current design creativity is unlimited. Especially when it comes from young phone companies and is not afraid to challenge new things from China. HTC, Nokia, Motorola, Asus or Samsung in the past may be afraid of the psychology of users who are forced to follow Apple’s step. But don’t expect to see that repeated with Oppo, Huawei, Xiaomi, OnePlus or even Samsung today. Perhaps, some mid-range smartphone version will be released with “similar” iPhone designs for testing purposes.

But certainly, as the only demand for new and unique product images of major manufacturers today will surpass all. That is also the driving force and the reason why these companies gradually gain an increasingly large market share from Apple. All have realized that, instead of running with the iPhone’s design or features, they can also create their own class products.

iPhone 2019 will be the most disappointing iPhone?

In a recent analysis by financial services firm Raymond James, the company raised its forecast of Apple’s stock value to $ 250 the following year. Raymond James said that Apple’s arrangement with Qualcomm helped the company take the initiative to launch iPhone 5G by 2020. Raymond James, a financial services firm, made an unpopular remark about the iPhone 2019 but Put great expectations on iPhone 2020 thanks to the support of 5G network.

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However, this analyst proved quite pessimistic with the prospect of iPhone sales growth of 2019 this year as all three new iPhone models are not expected to have much breakthrough changes compared to the predecessor generation.

Chris Caso, an analyst with Chris Raymond shared: “We think this iPhone cycle in 2019 will be the weakest for many years. And maybe we shouldn’t buy any iPhone at the time. before that cycle takes place “.

With confidence in the iPhone 2020 generation, it is clear that analysts are appreciating 5G technology and believe that this will be the technology that will help boost iPhone sales back after 2019 is not expected to start. what color is.

After the prediction of Chris Raymond was released, Apple’s stock rose slightly by 0.95% to $ 205.25 in the same day. Apple is expected to announce earnings report Q4 / 2019 on July 30th.

Apple is reportedly planning to develop its own 5G modem to avoid reliance on third-party vendors such as Qualcomm or Intel. However, an iPhone using a chip modem produced by the manufacturer will probably appear only in 2022 or 2023.

In addition to iPhone 5G, Apple plans to upgrade the LCD to OLED display on all iPhones launched next year. According to many speculation, Apple will still keep the rabbit ears design until 2020 but will try to narrow the size of the rabbit ears and gradually move to integrate the camera under the screen since 2021.