Jeff Bezos drives a bulldozer at Amazon’s airport project.

The richest man on the planet was surprised to drive a bulldozer at the start of Amazon’s new airport development project.

Amazon’s $ 1.5 billion project was officially launched on May 14 in Cincinnati (Ohio, USA) with the participation of founder Jeff Bezos.

He was surprised when he climbed on the bulldozer, controlled it to iron the sand pile, after the speech started. “If you’re wondering, that’s interesting,” Bezos said, preparing to step away from the bulldozer.

Amazon has leased an area of ​​over 3.6 million square feet at Cincinnati International Airport, North Kentucky from 2017 for a period of 50 years. This will be the place where Amazon’s cargo transit goes global.

On his Twitter account, Bezos said: “We are investing $ 1.5 billion in a new airline hub to help you get goods faster. Three million square feet, and it will create 2,000 jobs. If you guess that the starting driver will be interesting, you’re right. ”

With the size of the second most capitalized company in the world, Amazon wants to gradually limit its dependence on shipping partners such as UPS or FedEx, while cutting costs and shortening delivery times.

Jeff-Bezos-drives-a-bulldozer-at-Amazon-airport-project-2 Jeff Bezos drives a bulldozer at Amazon's airport project.

“This center will allow us to deliver packages to customers faster … We will transfer the delivery time of Prime services from 2 days to 1 day and this center is an important part of that plan. “Bezos said.

It is expected that Amazon’s new cargo coordination center will be operational by 2021 and create 2,000 on-site jobs for Americans.