More than 5,500 hectares of forests in Spain were burned.

About 350 firefighters, plus 230 soldiers and 15 fire extinguishers are fighting the worst fire in 20 years in the Spanish country of Catalonia.

According to the AFP news agency, on June 27 am the time when Europe was going through a “red summer”, an intense wildfire spread and remained unregulated in Catalonia.

The fire began to erupt from the previous afternoon (June 26) in the Torre del Espanol region in northeastern Catalonia. After only one day, the fire destroyed an area of ​​5,500ha according to the damage statistics of the local government.

Authorities estimate the total area of ​​the area destroyed after the fire will reach about 20,000 hectares. This is the most terrible forest fire in Catalonia in 20 years. The fire has spread very quickly in high wind conditions and the local temperature has increased to nearly 40 degrees C.

The lucky point in this fire is that although the place happened many kilometers from the Asco nuclear plant, the authorities said the area was not in the direction of the wind, so the fire did not turn toward the factory.

The head of Catalonia’s security agency, Mr. Miquel Buch, said about the challenges of disaster response on Catalan Radio: “The current difficulty is that the fire is still uncontrolled and still being available every time. a bigger “.

According to Buch, the initial cause of fire may be due to “the storage of fertilizer on a farm that generates heat large enough to burst into a fire”.

“The development of the fire is very complicated. We have not been able to stabilize the situation today,” said the head of the local fire department, Manuel Pardo, on Spanish television.

About 50 local people were evacuated from their homes, 5 roads were blocked. Many people said they had only escaped from their homes with little clothes.