Trump threatens to impose more taxes with at least 300 billion USD goods in China

The President Trump on 6/6 alerts will be taxed more with at least 300 billion USD of Chinese goods in the context of American-medium escalation.

“A lot of fun happens around the talks between us and China. We’ll see what happens. I can raise taxes to at least 300 billion Chinese goods and I will do it at the appropriate time, “Mr. Trump told reporters today 6/6.

Prior to his approval to the French to celebrate the 75 year of the Allied landings on Normandy during World War II, the American leader asserted China although loud but still wanted to advance to an agreement with the United States.

In response to this declaration, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said to fight to the end and impose countermeasures if the US intended to escalate stress.

“China does not want to embark on a commercial war but is not afraid to confront that war. We resolutely defend the interests of China and the People “, the Chinese Department of Commerce Cao Phong said in the regular press conference 6/6.

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce recently issued a report on how the U.S. benefited after many years of economic and commercial cooperation with China, asserting Washington’s claim that Beijing benefited from bilateral trade is ungrounded.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) on 5/6 warns of the U.S.-China tariff war is eroding the belief of businesses and global markets, which can slow down global growth to be expected to improve next year.

US Finance Minister Steven Mnuchin is expected to have a meeting with Governor of the Central Bank of China (PBoC) epidemic this weekend on the sidelines of the meeting head of the sector of the countries in the G-20 group. This is also the first Live Meeting of the two countries senior officials for almost 1 month.