What helped Steve Jobs revive Apple from the brink of bankruptcy.

Mr. John Sculley, former CEO of Apple in the period 1983 – 1993, said that Steve Jobs is a visionary leader, looking forward, improving new things to create the world’s leading products. This is the ultimate skill of Steve Jobs that makes him a leader, an extremely successful businessman.

Mr. John Sculley, said that Steve Jobs’ ability is not natural. “Steve Jobs took 12 years of a poor start from Apple to cultivate it,” he said.

The change of Steve Jobs 2.0.

In 1985, the 27-year-old Steve Jobs resigned shortly after a dispute with Sculley and other board members about the company’s strategy. In the next 12 years, Steve Jobs founded another computer software company – NeXT. By 1997, he returned to Apple to work.

Soon after returning to Apple to work, Steve Jobs turned into a different person. Mr. John Sculley said that Steve Jobs was previously version 1.0, but after 1997 was Steve Jobs 2.0.

Mr. John Sculley described two different moments of Steve Jobs. First, the Steve Jobs 1.0 version is characterized by unshakable ambition. However, Steve Jobs 2.0 is much more mature and willing to listen to others. Mr. John Sculley said, the experience of living between two clear times makes Jobs more mature.

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According to John Sculley, Steve Jobs excelled at seeing the future after 20 years, what people needed. “He is very charismatic and always right. Before convincing others, Steve Jobs must convince himself,” Mr. Sculley said.

Soon after Steve Jobs returned to Apple, he was greatly responsible for recovering the “apple” from the brink of bankruptcy and the fact that Apple was revived and became one of the leading technology companies. World with millions of products sold worldwide.

Today, under the leadership of Tim Cook, Apple is ranked as the second largest public company in the world by market capitalization.