Brands that sell the world’s most expensive T-shirts.

A T-shirt from these brands can cost between $500 and $2000.

Ranked first in the list listed by Success Story is Gucci, a brand from Italy established in 1921. T-shirts are one of the most expensive items of this brand recently, bringing huge revenue. Gucci T-shirt often brings a youthful and modern style with unique prints, the average selling price is $500 -$2.500.

gucci-t-shirt Korean male stars with long hair.

Like other Chanel items, this brand’s T-shirt has a price not everyone can buy. The costumes of the French fashion house are usually elegant and carry a bit of classic direction, priced above 1.000 USD.

Chanel Korean male stars with long hair.

Ranked third on the list are expensive shirts from Dolce & Gabbana. Its clothes are usually priced from over US$ 500, featuring colors, unique prints with Mediterranean style.

Dolce-Gabbana Korean male stars with long hair.

The following places on the list are Prada, Armani, Versace brands from Italy – one of the fashion cradles of the world. Each year, these companies bring in $ 2-3 billion for the sale of basic clothing such as T-shirts.

Emporio-Armani-Spring-Summer-2019 Korean male stars with long hair.
Emporio Armani Spring Summer 2019

Ranked seventh are T-shirts from the French fashion house Dior. The brand does not produce too many T-shirts but every one is impressive and expensive.

Dior Korean male stars with long hair.

The last three places in the ranking are the brands Valentino, Guess and Fendi, famous brands with modern designs and individuality.

Valentino Korean male stars with long hair.
Valentino Butterfly T-Shirt