Gucci was criticized for putting the women sensitive parts on a dress.

The purpose of Gucci to support feminism but the way of many people is criticized as ‘absurd’.

Gucci has unveiled a design in the Cruise 2020 BST that will soon be performed in Rome. The skirt pattern is lined with a woman’s embroidered uterus in a sensitive position that creates controversy.

An explorer explains: “This design shows the vision of creative director Alessandro Michele about women’s freedom and equality”. Through this creation, Gucci wants to show its support for women and children, promote women’s sexual and reproductive health.

After a few hours of posting on the fashion house’s Instagram, this design received more than half a million interactions with mixed opinions. Many people believe that this brand has brought a positive message through design, showing creativity “without borders”. Besides, thousands of comments expressed anger when Gucci exposed the sensitive image of women to costumes.

“Ridiculous”; “Who wants to wear this dress out of the way”; “I want Gucci to be ashamed of their actions” … are the opinions of the gossip about this design.

A series of people announced a boycott of Gucci because it was a fashion house that used tricks to attract attention. “Feminism should be treated with respect and righteousness,” a fashionista commented.

Gucci-Ridiculous-1 Korean male stars with long hair.
In addition to being accused of not respecting feminism, Gucci was criticized for insulting culture.

Recently, Gucci has been constantly caught up in criticism. Housewives are also accused of “offending culture” when selling a hat called “Indy Full Turban” for a price of $1.000 . The hat has a very similar design to the Sikh style religious hats in some Middle Eastern countries called “dastaar”. The Sikh religious alliance emphasizes that Gucci does not respect their religion and deliberately offends the race. Despite being criticized, Gucci did not give any notice.