Kim’s dress in Met Gala: Can’t sit.

Kim Kardashian needed 3 assistants to help her wear tight clothes that could not be eaten, sat or toileted.

During the Met Gala 2019 party night, Kim Kardashian is considered one of the most impressive stars. She appeared with Thierry Mugler’s tight nude color outfit, her wet hair.

This costume inspiration comes from the watery image of actress Sophia Loren in the movie Boy on a Dolphin (1957), when she has just stepped up from the sea. Kim’s dress has the same meaning, helping her look like a tanned California girl who just emerged from the sea, standing on the red carpet.

“I am very honored to wear this special design. It takes up to 8 months to complete, including the crystal applique stage throughout the body of the dress,” Kim said.

To create a cloth effect that adheres to Kim’s body, the design team used special latex material. In the backstage of a party prepared by Vogue’s Kanye West, there are three new assistants to help Kim finish the dress.

Before wearing the dress, Kim was wearing a corset from Mr Pearl inside. This corset was so tight that her waist was only about 40 cm. Kim said: “I can go around, talk but can’t sit down or have dinner”. The beauty added: “I will have to urinate for about four hours.”

With Kim, attending the Met Gala is a very honored thing. Therefore, every year she also prepared a very formal look and did not regret the investment money to own the most unique costumes. Wearing a super inconvenient dress is worth exchanging for a beautiful image in front of hundreds of lenses.

Kim-Kardashian-1 Kim's dress in Met Gala: Can't sit.

At the post-Met Gala party, Kim recreated the image of the Cher singer with the strapless dress.

In fact, many other stars attending Met Gala must wear the same less comfortable suits. Katy Perry “shared plight” with Kim, could not eat, sit or go to the toilet when wearing “chandelier” and “hamburger” wings on the red carpet. Cardi B has a lot of difficulties in transportation so he can reach the event venue with super bulky red suit.