Taylor Swift wears a sexy outfit despite gaining weight.

Returning to the new music product with a couple of kgs, the famous singer Taylor Swift remained confident of her sexy outfits.

Two years ago, Taylor Swift had a big change in appearance. In the latest MV Me!, fans easily realized the female singer had significant weight gain, the body measurements were up size. Despite this, Taylor Swift is still confident in the sexy style of entertainment events. At a show, the lovely voice of the pale purple swamp with a cropped top and shoulder waist. The design is most pronounced with Taylor’s weight status.

Prior to that, at another event, the singer-songwriter in 1989 also brought a design of a sexy chest and a big-breasted lag, which was a trend this year.

On the stage talk show Ellen, Taylor represented the short dress. The material of the soft fabric makes Taylor less heavy. The female singer retains the feminine picture of a moderate sexy stroke.

Taylor has a delightful combination of sports bra with a lace-up jacket, with a high-waist jeans skirt. This costume still exudes a sensual feel, although it is easy to recognize the tapered waist of the singer.

The simple outfit for a stroll includes a T-shirt and shorts that bring Taylor back to their youthful, dynamic style.

With the upper body is no longer slender, T-shirts are a simple choice for female singers when on the street, she just needs to mix shorts.

On a recent musical stage, Taylor combines a T-shirt with dazzling corset.

No longer owns slender physique but the 30-year-old singer is still confident of striking designs, causing attention such as sparkling scales.