The first billionaire rapper in the world

American rapper Jay Z has officially become a billionaire, he is the first star of the rap genre, hip-hop reaches the “billion dollar” level. In the past, when he was still a young man, he had a hard time, there was a time when Jay Z was a street criminal who traded banned substances.

Jay Z did not have an ideal background, he used to be a street criminal, trafficked and trafficked in Brooklyn, New York, and the United States during his poor years.

But it was the love for art and the desire to change the life that made Jay Z determined to leave the dark past to the new page, earning genuine money from the work of a rapper.

When he had accumulated, Jay Z switched to fashion business, selling drinks, painting collections, investing in developing companies, buying and selling real estate … After years of effort, Now, Jay Z at the age of 49 has become a billionaire.

Sharing frankly about his “good work”, rapper Jay-Z once said: “The biggest trick for an artist is that people often say that artists are not good at making money and are good at making money. There is no artist soul.

“When you are in the recording studio, you are an artist, you make music products, after you finish the product, you have to market it to the world. I see nothing wrong if a sensitive, mindful artist knows how to make his product eat. ”

In the artist world, Jay Z has long been known for being a success both in art and business, he won 22 Grammy awards from 77 nominations; Besides, he has always made many accurate decisions in business, bringing great profits.

Currently, this male artist owns a collection of paintings worth $ 70 million and real estate worth $ 50 million. He also has about $ 220 million in cash and investments in companies.

Jay Z’s real name is Shawn Corey Carter. With assets equivalent to $ 1 billion, he has become one of the few entertainment artists who can reach the “terrible” level of wealth.

During the music career, Jay Z has 14 albums that reached number 1 on the US music chart, winning 22 Grammy Awards – the most prestigious award in the music industry. Jay Z owns his own music production company, founded the online music site, has collected over $ 500 million from music activities …

Jay-Z Cloud computing could be Alibaba's next big goal.

Jay Z began to be known in the financial circles – business since he first appeared on the Forbes 400 edition cover in 2010, when the magazine ranked 400 richest Americans. on the cover then, Jay Z appeared alongside the famous billionaire Warren Buffet.

Mr. Warren Buffett once commented on Jay Z: “Jay Z is giving lectures on finance – business in classes that are much larger than the classes I have been teaching. For young people who are growing up, he is the character that you can learn a lot. ”

In 2018, Jay Z stood in fifth place with reality TV star Kylie Jenner on the list of the richest stars in the world given by Forbes.

Since 1999, Jay Z has owned his own fashion line and later sold it for $ 204 million in 2007.

At the beginning of his business, Jay Z showed his keenness when avoiding the traditional contracts that stars often choose, they often receive representatives or investment cooperation and business with the brand, but Jay Z wants to be more adventurous.

He wants to build his own brands instead of losing the effort to promote other people’s brands. Now, when Jay Z is a billionaire, people wait for what he will achieve next, because at the age of 49, Jay Z still has plenty of inner strength and ideas.

Besides the success of Jay Z, it is impossible not to mention the success of his wife – singer Beyonce. In 2018, Beyonce’s assets were worth up to 350 million USD. Besides being one of the most sought after artists in the music industry today, Beyonce (37 years old) is also very flexible and active in business.

In the rapper world, in 2014, Dr. Dre also almost became a billionaire after reselling the Beats Music brand and online music service for a large company. After that big deal, the tax payment made the money Dr. Dre received less than one billion dollars, so he could not become a billionaire. Rapper Diddy is also a face that is expected to become a billionaire when the artist currently has a wealth of assets of about 825 million USD.