The most impressive dress in Cannes for 32 years.

More than 30 years passed, the moment Princess Diana matched with her husband in the only time appearing at Cannes Film Festival still has an unforgettable attraction.

On the occasion of the Cannes Film Festival, many newspapers recalled the moment Princess Diana and Prince Charles appeared on the red carpet of this event 32 years ago. Although tens of years have passed with the participation of numerous talented actors and actresses every year, the royal couple has been voted more impressive.

In the only time I stepped up to Cannes red carpet in 1987, the Princess was too hard on the pastel blue dress for the designer Catherine Walker. This is also her favorite designer. The fluffy chiffon skirt not only helps Diana show off her charming shoulders but also helps her to walk gracefully.

Princess-Diana-1 Korean male stars with long hair.

The scarlet shawl on the neck is a valuable highlight to help the Princess’s costume more impressive. The dress is not too fussy but still helps Diana shine like the stars, leaving an immortal moment in the history of Cannes. In 2013, this dress was auctioned in Los Angeles for £ 81,000.

Considered as a classic fashion icon of the world, the appearances of Princess Diana always leave an impression on the public. Her style also inspired many believers to learn.