Melania Trump – Behind the gorgeous clothes

Over two years as the first Lady of the United States, the world-wide in the worldwide witness of a Melania Trump is always beautiful, wetting in splendid Siamese sets. But few know that, behind the splendor, the pride is not less “behind the scenes” of many shades.

Melania Trump – Each outfit is a message.

For the first lady, the Fashion act as the primary instrument of convetting the message on every trip, work has been obvious, there is nothing to be disputed and most of them are more imbued than anyone else. With the first lady of the 45, Mrs. Melania Trump too. The advantage of a perfectly fine physique of a former supermodel can help her always be the most beautiful wearer in the press eye, but to wear right, dressed in the right criteria of the so-called “fashion diplomacy” of a person who is standing on the first lady’s responsibility is another story. And this is also the angle where the press or the most enlightened about Mrs. Melania Trump.

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Perhaps understanding sometimes the details of the media as well as the voters, Ms. Melania Trump and her fashion consultant always study thoroughly how she will appear the most suitable , the most beautiful of the events. The relevance here covers a lot of elements: the local culture of the country she will be in, suitable for the moment, the weather and the surrounding scenery. CNN TV Channel quoted the media director First Lady, Stephanie Grisham, said: “Trump’s lady always wants to be cautious and respectful of traditions and the rules of the country she visits. She knew she was representing the United States, and wanted to make sure everything had to be appropriate. ” “She consulted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the rules. These are not just the costumes but the messages she sends out, “said Kate Bennett, CNN reporter specializing in the White House, once praised for his career in costume selection on her travels, Melania Trump.

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It is possible to see this in the new business trip to the British state of Mrs. Melania Trump. Upon reaching the Air Force One at the Andrew Air Force Base in Maryland, and the army left the United States to visit the official UK, on the American First lady, the beautiful Gucci skirt worth 4,400 USD , with designs inspired by the iconic works of the British capital, such as Big Ben, the London Tower Bridge, the two-story bus and the British Parliament House.

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And yet, after landing at Stansted 3/6 Light Airport, Ms. Melania quickly changed her outfit, choosing the elegant white dress of Dolce and Gabbana, combining the contrasting black belt, the wide-white rim hat, high-heel shoes to the Buckingham palace for the Welcome Queen Elizabeth II and immediately many people realized the strange similarity between the dress of the first lady of the time with the characteristic image of Princess Diana at birth.

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Many British people expressed satisfaction, saying that Mrs. Melania was so deeply dressed as Princess Diana, as Princess Diana always received loving love from the millions of British people. In the British Queen’s meeting, Melania Trump has an elegant wing that matches the colors of the guests ‘ outfits, which are notable for combining the costume with gloves, which are always a dissociable character of Queen Elizabeth II. The first lady of the accessory area aims to demonstrate her respect for the most power woman in Britain. And yet, during the review, the First Lady of America impressed with the military-shaped pattern of the British classics. This continued to be appreciated as a subtle choice for a few days her spouse would be coming to Portsmouth to celebrate 75 years on the Allied army landing on the Normandy Beach (France).

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The trip to England was not the first trip to the American Lady to “score” in the selection of the costume. The world Press was hailed in the discreetly set of Stella McCartney’s jumpsuit, which she wore at the reception of Prince Muhammad bin Nayef on 20/5/2017. “The jumpsuit upon the Arab Emirates of Melania is very similar to the tradition Abaya costume Muslim women wear,” said Kate Bennett-CNN’s professional reporter White House, the switch plate. During his visit to China in 2017, which was different from the modern western wings previously worn, Mrs. Melania Trump continues to appear in the long-sleeved black skirt that is full of hands, with the discreet feet of the original Italian-inspired restaurant Dolce & Gabbana inspired by the background Chinese culture.

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With events that are not too demanding, not too special, characteristic in costumes, the elegant suits, simple designs, shapes are always chosen by the first lady in many important events. In addition, the rule “costumes are only beautiful when the person, the timing” always be thoroughly complied by Mrs. Melania Trump. As jeans, simple shirts combined with a cap and sunglasses often favored by Mrs. Melania while participating in soothing outdoor activities.

Melania Trump and the unexpected incidents.

Possessing beautiful stature, exquisite fashion gu but not without much at Mrs. Melania Trump must suffer criticism criticized by the unexpected “costume bugs”. In March 9/2017, Ms. Melania Trump appeared splendid in the pink dress to attend a meeting between the women of other world leaders on cyber-bullying campaign and for the children and short speech. However, when the press “SOI” she represented the skirt worth up to 2,950 USD in an event with the words “No child who deserves a hunger”, it became unfavorable to Mrs. Melania Trump. , there was even a critical opinion that she was “a stranger, a luxury”.

Or in the meeting with Pope Francis in May 5/2017, Mrs. Melania Trump wears a black dress with a hooded scarf. Trump’s action was criticized by just a few days ago, she had her head attended a meeting with Saudi Arabia’s king. The choice of the hooded in this country and the non-headway in another country is an academic presentation and a statement of religious opinion-the airline is voiced by NBC.

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Ms. Melania Trump is probably also unable to forget the memorable fashion incident in May 6/2018 when on a visit to a concentration camp in Texas, where the care of immigrant children must be away from family on the U.S. border , she wore a price jacket of Zara 39, followed by the word “I Really don’t Care, Do U?” (Goodbye: I do not care, longer you?). The inscription, when raised on the face of the newspaper in the framework of the event, made many newspapers up to the voice, that both the first lady and her fashion crew were too negligence when it took a very unrefined fault , not worth it.

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So, what to do to wear good, appropriate wear, consistent with both physique, circumstances, event nature, destination culture, avoiding cultural sensitivities, politics, conduct and the need for the trend is always the fashion problem is not just simple The first lady of the United States.