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Let see what’s going on in fashion industry.

The most spectacular 3D light in circus show.

Animal images appeared on the stage in 3D light circus was pioneered by a circus troupe, instead of using wild animals in the performance. Roncalli circus group in Germany has stopped using animals in circus shows since the 1990s. Now, they put in a modern application when using light and 3D technology to bring images […]

The most prominent sneaker of spring 2019.

Sports shoes that incorporate modern technology and a futuristic style can "wind up" this summer. Adidas x Raf Simons RS Ozweego with an eye-catching design when half of the armored shoes carry the rock breath...

Hued Tartan and Lavender Tones commanded design trend 2019

Coloured Tartan pattern is back this year. On the off chance that you are looking for cool and unique print this year, at that point you better look at this aggregation of great plaid and...
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