Korean male stars with long hair.

Long hair seems to be a trend of Korean men recently.

Perhaps the Korean showbiz fans are not too strange with the image of male stars with long hair. Just thinking that this hair is only suitable for women will make male stars look more feminine but many of them have a manly and surprisingly regal look. In particular, Jungkook (BTS), Jang Dong Yoon and Yuta (NCT 127) are the three names that are causing a fever recently with their long hair.

1. Jungkook (BTS).

When publicizing his long hairstyle, BTS’s “youngest brother” has made the online community “stir” because of his immense charisma and irresistible charm.

The male idol was commented to be very suitable for this style and garnered many praises for his increasingly attractive appearance, despite his rather feminine hair.

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In particular, the long hair contributes to the fact that the youngest member of BTS is one of the top visuals despite all hairstyles in Kpop music.

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He is more romantic, sexy and more masculine with the prince’s hair. The international press is also headlining, raising Jungkook’s hair as the “8th natural wonder” of the world.

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2. Jang Dong Yoon.

Incarnating in the character of a girl in the new movie, actor “School 2017” Jang Dong Yoon had to raise long hair, causing the actor’s appearance to change significantly.

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The “makeover” in the new film of the 27-year-old actor makes many people think that this is the time to reach the peak of the beauty of Jang Dong Yoon.

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Although he has no intention of having long hair, everyone must recognize that this style helps the actor to stand out and make a great impression on the audience.

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3. Yuta (NCT 127).

NCT 127’s male idol – Yuta used to make fans “standstill” with long curly hair like a prince.

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Having inherited the appearance of a comic book, now, the curly hair makes the male idol’s temperament increase even more.

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The romantic hair of the male idol of SM received a compliment not only from his fans but also from the Kpop fan community as well as Yuta’s beauty.

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