Animal images appeared on the stage in 3D light circus was pioneered by a circus troupe, instead of using wild animals in the performance.

Roncalli circus group in Germany has stopped using animals in circus shows since the 1990s. Now, they put in a modern application when using light and 3D technology to bring images of species. Wild animals come on stage spectacularly.

The founder of the circus group invested 500,000 euros to create one of the world’s most impressive 3D lighting performances. Roncalli’s move is receiving a lot of attention and support from the international media and public.

Founded in 1976, Roncalli is now the first circus troupe in the world to completely give up the circus show to switch to using a 3D light show to bring images of wild animals to the stage.

The communication director of the circus group – Mr. Markus Strobl – shared with the German press: “Most of the shows in our show are performed by circus artists and comedians. We focus on exploiting the artistic aesthetic aspect, poetic and spectacular circus elements in our performances. ”

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Currently, Roncalli’s 3D light show is considered the world’s top impression. These 3D light shows are part of the “Storyteller” series that has been shown by Roncalli since last year but has only recently been mentioned.

The founder of the circus troupe – Mr. Bernhard Paul – decided to make a big investment to complete this light show, the circus group Roncalli received over 600,000 spectators to reward their show “Storyteller” in the year. last. The ticket price for the performance of the circus Roncalli is priced from 29 to 70 euros.

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Comments of Roncalli, chairman of International Animal Protection Organization (ADI) – Ms. Jan Creamer said: “This is the future of circus – a performance that everyone can Enjoy the comfort, and the animals with intelligence and the ability to perceive will not become happy buyers anymore. ”

Currently, more and more countries have introduced laws banning the use of wild animals in circus shows.