Brilliant fashion from celebrities for summer dresses.

2019 summer is more brilliant thanks to the outstanding color trend. Fashion believers can easily apply, learn from the beautiful people in the entertainment world.

One of the prominent fashion trends of the 2019 Spring and Summer season is a brilliant series of bright colors, brightening the international fashion catwalks. As always, models, singers and actors are quick to enter this playground. They applied new brilliant trends into casual wear with a reduction in dosage. Those who love this brilliant style can learn from the beauties below.

summer-dresses-2 Korean male stars with long hair.

The singer and actress Paris Jackson loyal to boho style as always, she just needs to change from jeans to red pants enough to make the appearance stand out.

summer-dresses-3 Korean male stars with long hair.

Taylor Swift has a big change in recent fashion styles. From MV Me! It can be seen that the lady’s wardrobe is much more brilliant. In a recent trip to town, Taylor chose a pink purple from a worn-out T-shirt to a jeans jacket.

summer-dresses-4 Korean male stars with long hair.

The famous model Gigi Hadid chose a colorful rainbow-colored t-shirt, so the costumes were not flashy, she wore white khaki pants in sync with white shoes. The appearance of the beauty has a small bag point with contrasting tones with T-shirts.

summer-dresses-5 Korean male stars with long hair.

Maximize as a model Hailey Bieber – Justin Bieber’s wife only needs to wear shorts in neon blue is enough. The hoodie and black cap increased Hailey’s coolness.

summer-dresses-6 Korean male stars with long hair.

Singer Junmi caught the attention of an event through a solid textured dress on neon green background. Because the dress was “bright” enough, she did not need to add more details to the outfit.

summer-dresses-7 Korean male stars with long hair.

Similarly, the silk shirt with coconut trees of Miley Cyrus stands out enough to bring the summer atmosphere.

summer-dresses-8 Korean male stars with long hair.

Still an easy-to-apply neon green, Wang Likun applied with the black of pants and white of accessories.

summer-dresses-9 Korean male stars with long hair.

Wrestling village beauty Catherine Joy Perry apples to neon orange sweatpants and white shirt to the street.