Mariya Volokh, a beautiful Law-School girl.

A standard model body with attractive eyes, sexy lips, Mariya Volokh, Law School female student is also known as an internal model to attract the attention of netizens.

Mariya Volokh was born and raised in Moscow (Russia). Currently, she is an international student in the 3rd year, Faculty of Law in the city of Maastricht (Netherlands).

Mariya-Volokh-5 Korean male stars with long hair.

Mariya Volokh possesses a beautiful face, big eyes, attractive eyes and sexy lips. She has a toned body and an ideal height. This Russian female student is also a fashion model.

Mariya-Volokh Korean male stars with long hair.

With a nice advantage in form, Mariya received many compliments. Recently, on some hot girl forums, her image is shared quite frantically with the caption line “Law School girl with beautiful and hot”.

Mariya-Volokh-2 Korean male stars with long hair.

Besides modeling for some famous fashion labels, she is also known to be quite expensive internal medicine model in Europe. And she seems to be even more popular on Instagram. Mariya now has more than 40,000 followers and each photo has thousands of likes, shares and comments.

Mariya-Volokh-4 Korean male stars with long hair.

This beautiful 9X girl is also loved by many fans because she is aware of the balance between studying and modeling. On personal instagram, Mariya often shares a hobby of traveling, meeting friends, riding a horse or playing with dogs and cats.

Source: Instagram NV