Paris Jackson owns up to 18 tattoos all over the body.

Paris Jackson possesses its unique, sharp beauty with its very own beauty. Paris Jackson is the most famous daughter of the “Pop King” Michael Jackson.

With 10 million followers on social media, Michael Jackson’s daughter is the same as her decedent’s father, which is very influential for the youth.

Paris has many trends in the beauty of fad and trendy. She owns up to 18 tattoos all over the body.

The makeup officer Jo Baker praises Paris with the beauty of attraction and strange. She usually has nude tones despite its white skin. This makeup makes her incredibly glamorous and impressive.

On the body of Paris with up to 18 tattoos, they all have meaning. The most significant must be the tattoos on the left arm. It is a picture of her father’s eyes, Michael Jackson. She tattoos to express his memory.

His stylized eyes tattoos symbolize Paris to always trust him to accompany her in every life journey. Others have a lot of spiritual cheer, like flowers, characters, conventions…

She has tattoos in very painful positions such as chest, thighs, inguinal. A tattoo around the hip has the energy sense of love.

In addition to the tattoos, Paris has a makeup that is creating a movement. She experimented with the last red lipstick makeup, the platinum hair that was modeled after Marilyn Monroe. It is praised for being a beautiful and personal copy of the “Pop Queen”. According to makeup experts, the beauty of Paris comes from spirituality and spirit.

According to Paris’s make up specialist, Michael Jackson’s daughter was very faith-intensive. She often prayed and believed in the power of spiritual practice. Always praying, the meditation helps Paris exudes powerful energy, affecting her wild, generous appearance.