All information about the Surface product line that Microsoft has just launched in 2019.

Totally information about the Surface product line that Microsoft has just launched in 2019.

Surface Laptop 3.

Surface Laptop 3 will have the option of AMD Ryzen 5 and 7 processors but is a customized version for Surface and comes with Vega graphics processor also customized with higher performance.

The external design of the Surface Laptop 3 is almost unchanged from the previous generation, but Microsoft has made tweaks to bring the best user experience to the user. For example, the trackpad is 20% larger, the keyboard still holds 1.3 mm journey for a better typing experience.

The new Surface Laptop 3 is Sandstone – sand yellow, aluminum, without fingerprints, next to familiar Alcantara fabric finishing options. The screen is still PixelSense with a 3: 2 aspect ratio on both 13.5 “and 15” versions.

Surface Laptop 3’s perfection is very high and especially on this machine, Microsoft has applied Modular Design design, removable SSD so it can be expected that the Surface Laptop 3 series will be easy to repair and upgrade. a little more than the previous generation.

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Speaking of performance, the Surface Laptop 3 is equipped with Intel Core I generation 10 (Ice Lake) with 4 cores and 8 threads. Microsoft says the Surface Laptop 3 is 2 times faster than its predecessor and 3 times faster than the MacBook Air. But not stopping at Core I, Microsoft also introduced the AMD Ryzen 7 Surface Edition option – a product designed by Microsoft in collaboration with AMD on the 15 “Surface Laptop 3.

Microsoft says this is the Ryzen Mobile CPU version with the most powerful GPU compared to its solution. The processor core of this CPU is also tweaked to balance performance and battery life.

The Surface Laptop 3 still uses Microsoft’s proprietary Surface Connector, but it’s worth noting that it supports fast charging technology, allowing you to charge 80% battery in less than 1 hour. The remaining ports have USB-A and USB-C – finally, USB-C is available and it is unclear whether this port supports anything other than USB 3.0 (such as USB PowerDelivery or Thunderbolt 3 charging if Comes with 10th generation Core i?).

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Configuration options will be posted soon on the Microsoft Store. Users can now pre-order the Surface Laptop 3, the 13.5 “version priced from $ 999 and the 15” version priced from $ 1199, shipping on October 22.

5 points most noticeable in Surface Laptop 3.

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Surface Laptop 3 is also an impressive device, and it looks practically closer to new dual-screen devices. Surface Laptop 3 now has the 15 “version, supports fast charging and has USB-C port already. These are the 5 most impressive points on this computer.

Surface Laptop 3 has an additional 15 “.

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Before the Surface Laptop only has a 13″ version, now it has an additional 15″ for those who prefer spacious space. We have noticed that this 15″ panel has a 3:2 aspect ratio, so it will be higher than the 15″ screens used by laptops today, and for an office worker, I appreciate this because they mainly work vertically. It’s no coincidence that all Microsoft Surface machines use a 3:2 ratio.

The resolution of the 15″ version is 2496×1664, more than enough to make you feel smooth and beautiful when looking at the screen. This is also important for people who are stuck on the computer all day to eat, sleep, make money.

Particularly for the 15 “version will use an aluminum shell with black gray or silver, not Alcantara fabric cover as the 13”.

The 15″ Surface Laptop 3 starts at $ 1099, and the 13 Surface Laptop 3 sells for $ 999.

Version 15″ with optional AMD GPU.

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The 15 “Surface Laptop can handle the heavy workloads of graphics by choosing a customized AMD Ryzen 7 CPU with an integrated AMD Vega 11 chip. This is also the first Surface to use an AMD processor. Of course, if you do gamers who need the maximum power to render movies and render images may not be a good choice, but if you are looking for a balance between design – workspace – performance then Surface Laptop 3 15 “is worth considering.

Surface Laptop 3 has USB-C.

It took too long for Microsoft to bring USB-C ports to their laptops, and eventually, it became a reality on the Surface Laptop 3. But the machine still has the traditional USB-A port in case you need it. what. And unlike the new Surface Pro X, the Surface Laptop 3 still has a 3.5mm headphone port, so you don’t need to buy a transfer cable.

Surface Laptop 3 supports fast charging.

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Surface Laptop 3 supports fast charging, it can charge 80% of battery capacity in an hour. The battery life of this series is about 11.5 hours maximum, which means that you only need to charge it once for a working day.

Surface Laptop 3 has a modular design.

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Microsoft wanted the Laptop 3 to be easier to fix, so they designed it in a modular fashion, starting with an SSD that could be easily removed and attached. Even the screw-on base located on the underside of the device is made to be easily removed when needed. Of course, these things only make sense when you warranty equipment, but normally you do not have to open the machine to do anything. Having an SSD is great, you can exchange it for a higher capacity for (usually) less than what the company offers.

Surface Pro 7.

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Surface Pro 7 is Microsoft’s latest 2-in-1 PC aimed at professional users. Overall, Microsoft has kept the traditional design with a 12.3-inch screen, but the internal hardware is upgraded and especially the presence of USB-C port.

Traditionally, the Surface Type Keyboard and the Surface Pen are important accessories that accompany the Surface Pro 7. Microsoft said that previous users of the Surface Pro were very pleased with the experience this product brought. Therefore, with the 7th version, the company focused on upgrading performance but still retained the factors that help Surface Pro gain a special place in the hearts of users: compact, versatile 2-in-1 design and support Optimized support for content creation users.

On the hardware front, the Surface Pro 7 is powered by a 10th Generation Intel Core I processor with the option of Core i3, Core i5 or Core i7. The basic configuration is equipped with 4 GB RAM and 128 GB internal memory, with a maximum option of 16 GB RAM and 1 TB SSD.

The Surface Pro 7 starts at $ 750, $ 150 less than the previous generation, and will be on sale from October 22.

Surface Pro X.

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This is probably the most beautiful Surface Microsoft has ever created – Surface Pro X – not the Surface 7 as originally speculated. Surface Pro X is the first Surface to use an ARM architecture processor – something called SQ1 developed by Microsoft in cooperation with Qualcomm. The machine promises to bring longer battery life, high performance no less than the x86 processor.

Surface Pro X revived Microsoft’s dream of an ARM-powered Surface and Panos Panay emphasized that this hybrid tablet-laptop uses SQ1 with the DNA of Snapdragon (Qualcomm’s mobile SoC platform). In addition to owning ARM cores (likely custom Cortex), SQ1 is also integrated with AI processors (like NPU) with 9 Teraops processing capability. Panos Panay says you won’t find anything similar to SQ1!

The Surface Pro X looks like the Surface Pro 7 except that it’s thinner and sexier. The device is only 5.3 mm thin and weighs only 762 grams. It owns a 13 “PixelSense screen with a resolution of 2880 x 1920 px, a pixel density of 267 PPI, a contrast ratio of up to 1400: 1. The USB-C port on the machine also supports the output of 2 4K screens

The mystery is still the performance of SQ1, Panay said it achieves 3 times more performance per watt than Surface Pro 6 (which runs Intel Core i) and GPU is also a solution designed by Qualcomm ( (based on Adreno) with a processing capacity of 2 TFLOPs. Surface Pro X runs Windows 10 for ARM – a version used by Microsoft on a Snapdragon 8cx reference device that can run traditional x86 applications through an emulator.

As an SoC platform SQ1 has built-in LTE modem. In addition, it also supports fast charging technology via USB-C and obviously, the battery life promises to reach all day, not just a few hours like Surface Pro using Intel processors.

The modular design is also applied by Microsoft on the Surface Pro X, the SSD drive is removable and of course, not for end-users, it is merely a matter of technology that can be easily replaced or upgraded by technicians. granted by Microsoft instructions.

Comes with the Surface Pro X is a thin Surface Pen with a new Type Cover with folds (to lift the keyboard at an angle for easy typing) with a pen tray and wireless charging for the Surface Pen. Also note that the Surface Pro X still has a stand design for the 163-degree opening angle, comfortably resting your hand on the drawing as well as adjusting the viewing angles according to the sitting position.

Surface Pro X has begun pre-order for $ 999, shipping on November 5.

Surface Pro X is the biggest improvement ever made with Microsoft’s tablet line since 2014. It has a new design, a thin bezel screen, a new Surface Pen, and a custom chip – something that’s rarely seen by computer manufacturers. Here are the 5 most impressive points about this laptop.

Surface Pro X uses its chip.

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It’s been a long time since it had a computer company that used its custom chips. The Surface Pro X runs on an SQ1 chip, it uses the ARM architecture and is actually designed by Qualcomm and Microsoft to collaborate but is still a commendable step. Customizing the chip helps ensure its performance is exactly what Microsoft expected of the Pro X.

And you notice that this is an ARM core chip, which means it has better power savings than the x86_64 core commonly found in computers. Last year Microsoft strongly renewed Windows running on ARM so it was almost no different from normal Windows, and now it’s time for us to show the best of Windows on ARM.

SQ1 also has an integrated artificial intelligence processor, suitable for machine learning, image and voice recognition … This chip is not a medium. You can see more about it in the article: AMD Ryzen Surface Edition and Microsoft SQ1 on the new Surface special?

Surface Pro X has a slim bezel screen.

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This is the thinnest Surface Pro that Microsoft has ever launched, and it is also very beautiful, consistent with the general trend of the tablet market. It’s clear that this is Microsoft’s response to the iPad Pro, which has had a thin bezel design since last year. Unfortunately, the top and bottom are still thicker than the two sides, right that Microsoft thinned all the champions.

Looking at the Surface Pro X, then looking through the Surface Pro 7, we can clearly see the difference of a modern design compared to one that has existed for many years. Surface Pro X is a significant improvement over the Surface in recent years, and it makes us feel excited about Microsoft’s Surface line again.

Surface Pro X has fast charging.

According to Microsoft, the battery of the Surface Pro X can last from 13 to 13.5 hours depending on usage. It has fast charging technology that charges 80% of the battery in just 1 hour. This means that one hour of the plug-in is enough to take a full day out and about, without having to worry about where to charge the Surface Pro X. It’s impressive.

The Surface Pro X has a new Surface Slim Pen and a new keyboard cover.

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The Surface Slim Pen is now thinner than the regular Surface Pen, so it can fit into the redesigned Type Co keyboard cover of Microsoft. When the pen is inserted, the pen will automatically charge, and when you remove the pen, Windows 10 will display a menu on the screen to lead you to the pen drawing feature. Brothers and sisters, those who love to draw, the design will probably like this function.

Surface Pro X is very thin and light.

Designed to be able to hold in the hand again, Surface Pro X is only 5.3mm thin and weighs 774g without a keyboard cover. According to the initial reviews, due to the slim machine plus the sides are smooth, not too sharp, the weight of about 700g is still not uncomfortable to use.

Surface Phone.

Surface Duo is a foldable phone running Android by Microsoft.

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Microsoft introduced a dual-screen phone called the Surface Duo, similar in design to the Surface Neo with two 5.6 “screens. Panos Panay emphasized that this was a product developed by Microsoft and Google.

Panos Panay emphasizes that the industry promotes technology and the technology drives us to create this device. Users need a multitasking device, can use the maximum potential.

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The Surface Duo will be a smaller version of the Surface Neo laptop that Microsoft has just launched. The Surface Duo has two 5.6-inch screens that can be rotated 360 degrees and of course will be able to open and combine into a tablet.

Each screen can run different applications at the same time or switch to landscape mode, at this time one screen displays the content and the other becomes a keyboard or a gamepad. Besides the smaller screen, the Surface Duo will run Android, the design is slimmer and thinner than the Surface Neo that runs Windows 10X.

At launch, Microsoft product manager Panos Panay called Duo a “phone” that marked Microsoft’s promising return in the smartphone segment since the death of Windows Phone in 2017.

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It is reported that the Surface Duo will be equipped with Snapdragon 855 and will continue to be redesigned in some small details, especially the rear camera cluster.

The Surface Duo is currently in beta, and the final version is expected to wait until at least the end of 2020. However, Microsoft says it will provide tools and time before developers can start developing apps for this unique device.

Surface Earbuds.

The Surface Earbuds are completely wireless headsets from Microsoft, fancy design, priced at $ 249.

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Information about the Surface Neo or Duo line has overshadowed the true wireless headset Microsoft has just launched at the event. The Surface Earbuds are introduced with active noise canceling, which is expected to be available for approximately $ 249.

This is the second Surface-branded headset after the over-designed Surface Headphone version. Microsoft says the Surface Earbuds are geared towards listening to music and conversation and seem to want to emphasize office applications in the Office suite in text-to-speech format or Skype conversations. Each ear has 2 microphones integrated with active noise cancellation technology. The design of the ear looks quite fancy, when looking at it we will see a large circle different from the existing headphones on the market.

The headset is capable of playing up to 8 hours of continuous music, an extremely impressive number compared to existing true wireless products. The charging box provides a total 24-hour continuous use. The design of the ear is suitable for users to use touch or swipe gestures to control the headset. Not only simple operations such as controlling music, but headphones can also be integrated into Microsoft Office applications such as real-time voice notes while giving presentations or using the touch surface on headphones to turn pages on PowerPoint presentations.