If you come to Istanbul, Turkey-the land is across two Eurasia-Europe you can not ignore the old market in the world’s largest home in the Grand Bazaar.

Every year, the old market 500 years old the Grand Bazaar welcome the largest traveler as compared to any other place in the world. In addition to the variety of goods gathered from the many Persian cultures, Arab, or North Africa, the very special sales style of Turks who made it to come then feel that they are “profitable “.

The Grand Bazaar.

The Grand Bazaar (in the Turkish language known as Kapalicars, meaning “indoor market”) is one of the largest and most ancient covered markets in the world. The market includes up to 64 covered streets, where more than 4,000 stores sell a full range of goods. The market is crowded with a range of 250.000 to 500.000 visitors each day.

Grand-Bazaar-4 Special business style at the 500 year old ancient market in Turkey

The world has many markets called the Grand Bazaar, but the most famous is the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul (Turkey). The Grand Bazaar Istanbul was built by King Sultan Mehmed in 1455 and put into use since 1461, and is known for its jewellery, ceramics, spices and handmade carpets. The market expanded heavily in the 16th century during the reign of King Suleiman. In 1894 the market was repaired much after the Istanbul earthquake. The market has 12 doors. If there is no map, surely you will be in the market, because it is too big.

The market has four main gates at the end of the two main streets intersect near the southwest corner of the market. But you usually choose the Nuruosmaniye Gate, which means “light of the Ottoman Empire” to go into the marketplace. This gate leads directly to a sparkling street light of jewellery. It is also the main street (called Kalpakcilarbasi Street) of the whole Grand Bazaar.

Said to be a market but the Grand Bazaar is more like a neighborhood by the Grand Bazaar which has many areas, each dedicated to selling an item such as leather dresses, jewelry, and semi-ladies and cups, carpet selling carpet etc. Other Grand Bazaar neighborhood is an indoor market, this is a huge indoor market.

The Grand Bazaar is a miniature city, not only goods, but also many other amenities. The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul has two Islamic basilica, 2 bathrooms (Hamam), 4 Fountain streams, and countless eateries and refreshing coffee shops.

Usually, when you come here, you can hardly get out of your hands because if you are skilful to pay the price, you will buy quality items that cannot be imagined.

Inside the 500 year old ancient market.

Grand-Bazaar Special business style at the 500 year old ancient market in Turkey

Inside the ancient tranquility of the Grand Bazaar Old Market is a noisy, buzzing space with invitations to never stop. The salespeople are diligent, maybe at the same time wearing people with a dozen scarves for you to see and choose whether or not to buy.

Mrs. Sofia Tebdorum-Greek travelers to hay: “I was intrigued by the traditional pattern of Turkish towel. He explained too much to make me stand for 1 voice.”

Brother Altan-salesman, Istanbul, Turkey say: “The Secret of keeping a guest with us would be to say at the beginning of the origin of the product, for example my party half is Turkey domestic towel, the rest is towel from China and cashmere from India , Nepal “.

You can take seven days to take all the doorways of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. And you can also take hours to sit and listen to the salesman about their product, very just ears, but when purchased, don’t forget to bargain because it’s the indispensable principle of the market.

Grand Bazaar Istanbul is the largest indoor market in the world. 4,000 large and small shops stretch the 3ha area making you easy to get lost. More than just a shopping place, the Grand Bazaar is also the meager place to experience the Ottoman era of Turkish life.

“Most of our ceramics are the traditional pattern of Ottoman empire. The day before China also overflowed the market but tens of years ago the Chinese tax on Turkey was marked quite high so that their goods are less competitive than the domestic row, “said Mamoud-art store, Istanbul, Turkey for hay.

In Grand Bazaar Istanbul between the sea, you will always see a man who never stops footsteps. Here they say to each other, his face is older than the market.

Grand-Bazaar-3 Special business style at the 500 year old ancient market in Turkey

Mr. Ibrahim – The porters, Istanbul, Turkey said: “Guests who are here usually buy a lot should I find out who needs his help. You want to pay as much as you like. For more than 20 years, I’ve been helping over 10,000 “.

These Turkish inland stores are also the most attractive for buyers. The color, good taste and the sales of the salesman made every guest when he walked out of the market felt a bargain.