Sui He’s wearing the shocking costumes on Cannes red carpet

Cannes red carpet event has just witnessed an unexpected molting image of Sui He – one of Asia’s leading models with shocking costumes.

Sui-He-4 Sui He's wearing the shocking costumes on Cannes red carpet

Once a loyal beauty with a feminine, sexy image, Sui He makes fans burn their eyes when designing as if only covering the upper part and the lower part “not wearing anything”.

Sui He’s stunning outfit, the dress with bold design, but from the waist down, the dress is completely transparent. It’s making she as a selling nude body before thousands of reporter lenses.

Sui-He-2 Sui He's wearing the shocking costumes on Cannes red carpet

Sui He’s outfit is feverish and draws huge attention from media sites around the world.

Sui He is not an unfamiliar name. This cult-like long leg is one of Asia’s top supermodels besides names like Liu Wen, Sun Fei Fei …

Sui He is often present and sought on the red carpet of world-class events including the Cannes Film Festival.

Besides being a famous international supermodel, Sui He is an Asian angel of Victoria’s Secret for nearly 10 years.

 The “queen of the cover”.

Sui He – Tue, was born in 1989 in Zhejiang Province, China. The beautiful Girl own 1m78 height. She currently lives in Milan (Italy).

Sui He possesses a slender, standard body with a harmonious face of Asian charm and a smirk of indulgence at the first sight.

Sui-He Sui He's wearing the shocking costumes on Cannes red carpet

Subtle acting helped her quickly succeed with the title of Asian supermodel. She was dubbed the “queen of the cover” when she was often invited to be the cover of famous magazines such as Chinese Vogue, Marie-Claire Italia, Harper’s Bazaar China, Schon !, V and W.

She started her modeling career quite late at the age of 22, but after just 3 years, Sui He made spectacular strides.

In February 2011, unprecedented, she was honored to be the first Asian supermodel to be opened for Ralph Lauren’s show as well as being the representative face of this high-end brand.

Sui-He-3 Sui He's wearing the shocking costumes on Cannes red carpet

Successful success, Sui He has continued to be involved in the advertising campaign of Karl by Karl Lagerfeld, Dior, Roberto Cavalli … and the famous brand H&M. Most recently, she was honored to become the first Asian representative of Shiseido cosmetics company.

Sui He is also the Asian angel who was second favorite, only after Liu Wen at Victoria’s Secret stage. Dubbed the “Pearl of the East”, Sui He is the most notable Asian name in the world.