The most prominent sneaker of spring 2019.

Sports shoes that incorporate modern technology and a futuristic style can “wind up” this summer.

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Adidas x Raf Simons RS Ozweego with an eye-catching design when half of the armored shoes carry the rock breath of the 70s. This is also the main inspiration from Raf Simons brand Spring – Summer collection. Besides the material that has high light-catching ability, the leather material on the shoe body helps people bring more personality and strong.

Adidas and Raf Simons have launched many different models of unique designs, gaining the attention of sneakerheads. With the fancy glossy base of this version, they easily become the most sought after item this summer.

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Yeezy BOOST 350 V2 “Glow In The Dark” (GITD) was suddenly released online, causing many believers to miss the opportunity to “buy” a pair of their shoe cabinets. Yeezy is said to be outdated and will soon be killed, but the glowing color version has negated this speculation – less than 15 minutes of the shoe has been sold out. According to Hypebeast, shoes cost about 6 million VND. However, some online sites sell 10 times more than the amount above.

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Besides, many people believe that the image has been edited, so Yeezy GITD is as bright as the previous one. Indeed, shoe soles can only glow themselves to a certain extent but the color of the body adds resonance, making them stand out even when not in the dark. Overall, this pair of sneakers is still considered to be the most beautiful compared to other brands’ glowing pairs.

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Nike Adapt BB – MAG is a special combination between past and present. If you are a tech and sneaker believer, you’ve probably heard the line of self-strap Adapt BB just released in February this year. Based on that design, the Nike brand cleverly added to the MAG distribution board (2011) with blue marble motifs and colored dots on the tongue and heel.

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MAG is Nike’s first self-tapping sneaker line and has appeared in the movie Back to the future (2011) but it was only 15 years later that they were “revived” by two designers (designer) Tinker Hatfield and Tiffany. Beers. These sneakers are not limited edition and are still valued at around VND 8 million. They can quickly run out of stock as soon as they are on the shelf.

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DEAL x Reebok Instapump Fury has a feng shui compass of ancient Chinese that has been revived by DEAL’s sneaker shoe store and the Reebok brand in their dad sneaker-style shoes.

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2 shoes with 2 colors of white – black opposite of bagua symbol “yin yang” bring interesting visual effects. Although different, the shoes have a classic feng shui compass that stretches over the body. Each detail is clearly shown to make the shoes become sharper.

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Balenciaga Track LED makes people think of childhood shoes with heels blinking. Following the success of Triple S’s “ugly shoes” (ugly shoes), the brand from France continues to “snub” the sneakerhead with the Track line. It can be said that Balenciaga is a brand that is at the forefront of high-end segment sneaker trend. If this version is successful, the possibility of Gucci, Dior or Chanel will turn up the same pair of pairs is quite high.

To change the color or select the flash effect, you will press the “track” text at the back. The minus point of these shoes is that the buttons are difficult to press and the lights are not bright, so it looks like they are just beautiful .. In contrast, the shoe body with the overlapping rubber layers and messy shoe laces looks like a bird’s nest, completely different from other normal shoes.

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COMME des GARÇONS x Nike Shox TL first appeared at Paris Spring Fashion Week – Summer 2019, but they were officially sold in May last. Nike basketball shoes with a unique sole seem to have been excluded because of a few appearances in the past. However, COMME des GARÇONS brand has put on new clothes for them.

The most noticeable point is the name COMME des GARÇONS, which is connected to a “luxurious” gold or silver chain. Moreover, if you look more closely at the shoes, the NTK used a deconstructed method (patching the pieces together and exposing the excess fabric to the outside) to create a “dusty” personality.