The musical films that boom spectacularly this summer

From famous names like Elton John to the appearance of Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran, digital tech stars … we can say multidisciplinary and noisy 2019 music films as much as ‘superhero ‘.

It’s not a “big” movie series like horror or action, but every year, the musical films have their own place, dominating not only the box office but also the music rankings (ie songs of movies and soundtracks).

We can check out La La Land, The Greatest Showman … two dramatic musicals winning in many awards. Or closer, more casual are the emotional psychological films with bold musical elements like A Star is Born, Bohemian Rhapsody or La Vie En Rose, Once …

Check out the musical films that are likely to boom spectacularly this summer:


It is easy to see Rocketman as a formidable cannon for music film in 2019. The British production produced but Paramount soon bought the US release rights on May 31 last.

Rocketman had “fought” at the Cannes Film Festival and received some positive feedback, although the festival was not “acting” for mainstream biographies like Rocketman.

The film revolves around a molting journey from a timid piano genius to Elton John’s first-century superstar. The cast includes two very hot names in the UK market like Taron Egerton as Elton John, Jamie Bell as music manager John Reid …

Elton John and actor Taron Egerton have appeared in a duet of Tiny Dancer at the post-Oscar party when the Bohemian Rhapsody film won four Oscars. This is a “good premonition” for Rocketman in the English-speaking film market.

Because of being “made in England” in many ways, the Guardian and BBC are not afraid to praise Rocketman “stronger than the Bohemian Rhapsody in almost every way” and the overall film is “Elton John’s best moments”.

The film is expected to start from May 31.


Representatives of soft-hearted love songs are Danny Boyle’s Yesterday director (Slumdog Millionaire movie).

Although the film is less costly according to the manufacturer’s disclosure, they have to spend up to 10 million USD only for The Beatles’ songs to be used comfortably in the movie. When showing in a few film festivals, Yesterday received the love of critics.

The film is expected to start on June 28.


Cats is considered one of the most successful musicals by famous composer Andrew Lloyd Webber. It was first released in 1981, in addition to the musicals with the same successful author as Evita and Phantom of the Opera.

cats How can I stop people from sharing my public profile on Facebook?

If Evita and Phantom of the Opera were all made into movies, the Cats had a better fate when the project turned into a film that started in the late 90s but pulled until 2013 and then 2016 was officially formed.

Two years later, the filmmaker made a new selection of the cast which was changed due to the same schedule. And Jennifer Cat, Taylor Swift, Judi Dench, Ian McKellen, all the stars of Jennifer Hudson, Taylor Swift …

The content of the Cats revolves around the cat Jellicles tribe and the night story where cats will choose who is reborn to a new life. The movie will be shot with motion-capture technology, which means that glowing cats will appear instead of actors who are dressed like cats on stage.

Cats are expected to start from December 20.


As the brightest candidate for the upcoming Oscar actress, Judy is the embodiment of screen legend Judy Garland, who was a star, and a famous singer of the 60s of last century.

Actress Renée Zellweger was chosen for this project. The film tells Judy’s glorious stage as a singer when she comes to the British capital to hold concerts …

The movie will release by Roadside on September 27 in the United States.