Apple transferred the wrong USD instead of the Chinese Yuan, Chinese programmers received 7 times the actual income.

According to a post by Yicai Global on Twitter, it seems that Apple confused the US Dollar and the Chinese Yuan to pay developers in China. And thanks to that, these programmers received an amount 7 times higher than the actual income they earned in July 2019.

Due to the US-China trade war, the renminbi was devalued and down to 1 USD for 7 Yuan. For some reason, instead of sending money in Chinese yuan to developers in China, Apple sent the same amount but in US dollars.

clip_image001 Warren Buffett warned that escalating US-China trade war will negatively affect the world.

Therefore, the income of these developers suddenly increased by 7 times. After many reports of this confusion, Apple has not made any move yet.

Some people comments suggest that Apple wants to reward developers on the occasion of the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival. Others argue that the confusion doesn’t matter too much, because Apple still has billions of dollars in cash.

However, developers with this “benefit” are quite cautious, they did not dare to spend the money that Apple sent wrongly because they thought that might be withdrawn. The programmers also do not disclose what their income is.

Also on the topic of confusion regarding Apple. In April, Apple faced a lawsuit of up to $ 1 billion. The cause of this rare case is an 18-year-old from New York who has been mistakenly arrested due to Apple’s facial recognition system.

Apple was sued over $ 1 billion for wrong identity as a thief.

The incident happened on November 29, 2018, New York Police Department officers arrested Ousmane Bah when he was accused of being involved in a series of Apple Store thieves in Boston, New Jersey, Delaware and Manhattan. . This arrest is misleading.

The report said that the perpetrator used a stolen ID with the name, address and personal information of others. Since ID doesn’t have photos, Bah thinks Apple has programmed the facial recognition systems of the stores to link the real thief face with a lot of details like Bah.

A detective then checked the surveillance footage of Apple after the arrest, determined that Bah was really not like any thief. Moreover, Bah was attending his gala in Manhattan when the theft of Boston, where $ 1,200 worth of goods were stolen, took place.

The New York Post reported that Bah argued that Apple’s use of facial recognition software in its stores to track individuals suspected of theft is the kind of surveillance consumers are concerned about. . Especially when the majority of consumers are unaware that their faces are being secretly analyzed.

Source: reddit & internet.