Chris Hemsworth ran out of money, indebted before taking Thor’s role

Chris Hemsworth said he was initially pursuing an actor because he wanted to repay his family.

In the five month Variety magazine, the 35-year-old actor says: “Besides love with the profession, the original reason to urge me to become an actor is to repay the money for the parents.” Chris also said that thinking makes great pressure for him. The talent was not confident in front of the lens and was rejected several times in the early years in Hollywood.

Chris Hemsworth was a career from 2002 in Australia, beginning with a supporting role in television dramas. In 2004, Chris received his starring role in the Home and Away series and was noticed by the audience. After three years, the actor to Los Angeles (USA) sought the opportunity to develop his career. He said he repeatedly failed to take part in the films G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra, Wolverine… “At that time, I was devastated. Before joining Thor, I had no money and had not received many roles. “-he told Variety. Before Thor, Chris only participated in five films, both as a supporting actor, for over four years in the United States.

In 2011, Marvel chose Chris as “Thunder” Thor. The actor said they were mistaken for the role. “After the second part of Thor, I think the role will not go anywhere. I’m worried the series will be suspended or replaced. The writers don’t think of how character development becomes appealing to the audience. ” To the third part of Thor: Ragnarok, Chris is pleased with its character building “thunder” and more in-depth.

Chris-Hemsworth-2 Chris Hemsworth ran out of money, indebted before taking Thor's role
After receiving the role of Thor, Chris Hemsworth’s career promoted. The roles are constantly coming. The “Hollywood blockbuster ” series of the 12 Strong, Bad Times at the El Royale, Ghostbusters… Chris is involved in promoting the film mens in Black: International by Columbia Pictures. According to IMDB, the film has a funding of more than 110 million and is projected to be out on 14/6.