Is human civilization will end in 2050?

Among the numerous climate change scenarios from optimism to the most pessimistic, perhaps the scenario is that human civilization will end after 2050 is the most catastrophic.

Climate change is becoming a global problem and while people are struggling to find a solution, this situation still occurs daily in many parts of the world.

Although people continually offer different warnings and scenarios related to climate change to actively seek ways to overcome before it’s too late, however with the latest scenario of Australian scientists, the future of Humans seem to be more obscure than ever.

Recently, scientists at the BNCCR Climate Research Center (Breakthrough National Center for Climate Restoration), Australia have made poor optimistic predictions about climate change. Accordingly, they assume that human civilization may end in 2050 due to the effects of climate change.

The research team confirmed that previous forecasts do not account for all possible risks. There are even more conservative claims and do not take into account the state of greenhouse gas emissions and ice melting. Especially the previous forecasts are quite optimistic, so it is impossible to assess the terrible level caused by climate change.

The report entitled Existential Climate-related Security Risk mentions that the world needs to restart the emergency just like World War II. Only then does it hope to prevent climate change and the risk of elimination. Human civilization.

According to the group’s forecast, the planet’s average temperature may reach 3 degrees Celsius by 2050, not stop at 2 degrees Celsius by the end of the century as previously predicted.

If this scenario really happens, we will see more and more extreme events caused by El Niño, the ecosystem is at risk of collapse and living conditions are beyond the stamina of human. Especially water shortage in many places on Earth can affect about 2 billion people.

Action or death?

climate-change Is human civilization will end in 2050?

Although the scenario may or may not happen, first of all, it has given people an excuse to change now or never again. It is necessary to take drastic measures right now because there are just over 30 years before the scenario can happen.

According to the team, the only way to prevent the risk of eradication of human civilization is to limit greenhouse gas emissions in industries and economies to the maximum.

Along with reducing greenhouse gas emissions, people also need to mobilize resources to restore biodiversity, improve the ability to regulate the climate of forests and oceans.

In the past week when President Donald Trump told the English prince Charles that the United States has a relatively “clean” climate, perhaps the latest report on climate change has become “a slap” of heaven. exaggerated statements by the US President.

Donald Trump has stated that he does not believe in the effects of climate change that can harm America and affect the planet. Mr. Trump even unilaterally withdrew from the Paris Agreement because he feared measures against climate change would affect the US economy.

Most of the leading countries in greenhouse gas emissions such as the United States, China or India need to “set an example” in advance to have a safer world for mankind.