Jerry Yan has split his girlfriend for love Lin Chi-hong

Jerry Yan used to love Athena Chu Yan after parting with Lin Chi-hong. However, their love affair does not last long because amateurs “Meteor Garden” questioned ex-girlfriend.

On June 5, on Sina, model Athena Chu Yan shared about past affair. She revealed her farewell to Jerry Yan when he found out he couldn’t forget Lin Chi-hong.

Athena Chu Yan, born in 1983, is a model of the same agency with Lin Chi-hong. In 2014, she and Jerry Yan had time to explore and travel abroad. After that, amateurs Starry Garden admits: “Athena Chu Yan is an extremely important friend of mine”.

Athena Chu Yan reputation worse than Lin Chi-hong, she is known for rumors love Jerry Yan.

Athena Chu Yan said when she was in love with her, Jerry Yan still texted back and forth with Lin Chi-hong. Their relationship gradually froze. Athena Chu Yan confided that she and Jerry Yan had never officially said goodbye.

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Later, many times the model encouraged Jerry Yan to bravely pursue love. By 2017, the actor was caught traveling with Lin Chi-hong in Malaysia.

When they got back together, the media called it “the reunion of the century of Taiwan showbiz”. Lin Chi-hong and Jerry Yan started falling in love in 2002, parting ways in 2007.

Love stories of Jerry Yan and Lin Chi-hong have been noisy for years.

In 2017, they reunited after 10 years of separation. Fans and entertainers were thrilled to congratulate when the top two Taiwanese stars finally returned together after years of playing “cat and mouse”.

The idea that Jerry Yan will soon marry Lin Chi-hong because she is now over 40 years old and spends her whole time glorifying him. But now, the couple once again broke up and remained single.