Legson Kayira, a journey under the moonlight.

Like a number of other Africans, I believe fate does not produce me, it really is I who created my destiny – Legson Kayira.

A Bible (Bibble), a book titled The Pilgrims Progress, along having an ax as a self-defense weapon and a blanket, Legson Kayira eager to start the journey of his life with baggage is five days of road food. He will need to get away that is long Nyasaland (present-day Malawi), where his tribe is residing, mind north and head east to Cairo (the Egyptian Capital) to board the train to America discover to obtain a college degree.

Journey begins.

It was at 1958 when he was nearly 17 years of age October. His parents are illiterate, so he doesn’t know where and how near the united states of America is. They just wish him luck that is great.

With Legson, this trip originated from a fantasy – also for many people it was only a madness – a dream that made him prepare determination to go to school. He wished to be like his Abraham Lincoln idol, a man who rose from poverty and became President associated with the United States and struggled tirelessly for the slavery movement. He then wished to be like Booker T.

Legson-Kayira-2 Legson Kayira, a journey under the moonlight.

Washington, who dares to break the chain of slaves, becomes a reformer that is a fantastic educator, who brings faith and dignity towards the American individuals.

Like his idols, Legson also desires to serve humanity, he wants to do something different with this world. To recognize his purpose, he needed to study, and research at a school that is first-rate. So the way that is best is to go towards the US.

Consider whether Legson is penniless and how he has money that is enough bought train tickets to America.

Let’s talk if he does, will he be accepted to study or not about him having no idea what a college is when he measures on the train and also.

Don’t wonder how Legson can cross 5,000 kilometers throughout the territory of hundreds of tribes that talk significantly more than fifty different languages without a language that is familiar.

Never worry about those relevant questions, because that’s what Legson needs to do and it has done. In his ideas, there had been absolutely nothing but a aspire to set foot regarding the land where he thought he could alter his fate.

Childhood poverty.

He does not always have to be so constant. As a child, he often took his poverty to justify his inferiority in learning and his failures which can be very own. He then told himself that “I’m just a child that is poor how to proceed now!”

Like a number of other children in the village, it was understandable that Legson also thought that learning for a Karongo that is a young child only spend your time. But after reading the penned books donated by the missionaries, he discovered the world had an Abraham Lincoln and a Booker T. Washington. The story of those two males that are great lifted the cloud of cloud covering his life and that he needed to master first. So the intention had been cooked by him to attend Cairo from there.

After five days of hard hiking in the tough African hills of wild cat ears, Legson only walked 40 kilometers while the meals were empty, the drinking water ended up being gone and no profit hand. Completing the 4,950 km road is the thing that is unbelievable. But returning means synonymous with giving up, dedication to ignorance and poverty. Then, he promised himself: “we will take to my breathing that is last we will never stop if I’ve not reached America.” And he resumed his journey.

The lonely traveler in the moonlight.

Legson-Kayira-3 Legson Kayira, a journey under the moonlight.

You can find sections where he goes with strangers, but most of the time – he makes a tourist that is lonely. Arriving at each new town, he explored completely before entering if they are friendly or hostile towards him because he did not know. Sometimes, he also gets a job and a shelter that is immediate. In which he often slept underneath the moon. He sought out the woodland and any plants that may be consumed to survive. He became weak and skinny as he observed his journey.

That’s not to say a battle of many malaria that is deadly suffered. God failed to dissuade individuals, he had been addressed by some people that are kindheartedly rescued to end the sickness. Exhausted and down in serious nature, when again he wanted to return. He argued that going back is better than continuing this stupid, even desperate journey.

But, Legson switched the pages of books which he always carried with him. Familiar words made him rely on their purpose. So he continued.

On 19, 1960, fifteen months after beginning his march, Legson traveled nearly 1,600 kilometers and arrived in Kampala, Uganda’s capital January. He was now more powerful in physique and wiser in success. He stayed in Kampala for half a year and did all sorts of jobs. The unique thing is, he always spends every spare moment going towards the library and everything that is reading.

During the library, he took place in the future across a directory about American universities. The image of the school that is magnificent but friendly, printed on a clear blue sky, serene with well-crafted fountains and grasses, surrounded by majestic hills makes him miss those High, majestic peaks in Nyasaland’s home town.

Lucky smile.

Skagit Valley University in Mount Vernon, Washington State, has become the real-life that is first on Legson’s road to finding futuristic futures. He immediately wrote an application to the educational college principal presenting his situation and make an application for a scholarship. At the time that is same additionally tried to utilize his limited purse to send applications to other schools for fear that Skagit would not accept his application.

Legson-Kayira-4 Legson Kayira, a journey under the moonlight.

But Legson did not need certainly to do that. Him a scholarship and introduced him up to a part-time work to build an income to cover the cost of accommodation because he had been so impressed by his determination, Skagit Principal not only allowed Legson to sign up but also offered.

The element of Legson’s aspiration became a reality. But Legson’s road still has obstacles that are many. Under US law, he needs an entry and passport visa. But in purchase to have a passport, a birth must be presented by his certificate. Worse, to obtain a visa, you’ll want to have a return ticket when you get to the United States.

Again he needed paper and pen. He composed letters to the missionaries who taught him since childhood. In the final end, everything was settled well, aside from a round-trip ticket to get a visa to America.

Without flinching, Legson proceeded his journey to Cairo in the belief he would earn money that is enough. He could be so confident so he doesn’t need certainly to go barefoot through the Skagit Valley gate that he removes the last penny to get brand new footwear.

While the days passed, news of their journey that is brave began spread. The popular Legson Kayira developed a bridge connecting the African continent to Vernon, Washington by enough time he arrived in Khartoum (the capital of Sudan) and fell into a state of exhaustion and fatigue. Skagit Valley students using the contributions of locals sent him $ 650 buying a trip that is round to the United States. Upon hearing this news, Legson cried because of joy and gratitude before the hearts of her benefactors.

Dreams come true.

In 1960, following a journey of more than two years, Legson Kayira finally set foot on American soil December. He proudly stepped into the door associated with the Skagit Valley University with two books being treasured in his hands.

The story of Legson has perhaps not ended there. After graduating from university, he studied further and became a Professor of Politics at Cambridge University, England, and an author that is prestigious the world.

Like his idols (Abraham Lincoln and Booker T. Washington), Legson Kayira rose from her beginnings which can be humble successfully converted her destiny. Legson made a huge difference and really became a light for people who followed after.