Narcotics, sex-the empty pleasures of “The Rules of Attraction”

The Rules of Attraction” presents pointless pleasures, you warm up as she strikes, plunge into the night partying, Munich full of alcohol, drugs and then sex.

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Again, Camden, the liberal arts school for the rich home world that Bret Easton Ellis has been fictitious. Unlike the first appearance in no way, returning to Camden school with The novel in the middle of the empty Spring bar (original name: The Rules of Attraction), Ellis transforms it into a more intense, fierce, and lonely place.

The fun is empty.

Camden School, as Bret Easton Ellis builds, is not a place for young people to pursue their business or dream stars, artists but a world of pointless pleasures. Not to mention the lecture hall, the school is just for the pleasures of “children”.
From the first page, the smell khẳm of the vomiting and the smell of marijuana at the feast of the Camden School as a glass of brandy, just making readers excited both of them to build up their faces. In the midst of the scenery, the ladies of the elite were oiled, trying to flirt to bring each other into bed.

Of course, parties like this are not uncommon in Camden. It takes place every week, at the general home of the student or the pubs, starting at the “5th Day of Thirst” until the main party on every weekend.

A party in Camden takes place as follows: Originally a drink of beer, alcohol, and marijuana, followed by inhalation of stones and then made love. “Vomit, beer, wine, marijuana, alcohol, even sexual smell, sperm, sweat… Throughout the room, suspended in the air as a mist. ”
Ellis describes: “Everyone is afraid to walk through the school at midnight, a cigarette who whispered this to me, in my ears, a Sunday dawn when I woke up after the rock smashed almost a week , weeping, and I know it is like that. ”

There is always a stuffy from the fifth evening party to the carpet, the death of Sunday morning. No matter how, parties are never stopped in Camden; It’s not a life of hypnosis, but a non-stop fun.

Love, sex, abortion and…

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In Camden, all the young people present themselves as both the culprit and the victim of a lost, meaningmore young age. But Ellis doesn’t write generic about Camden. If Clay is the central character oflike no, then with the middle of the empty spring, he goes deep into the three-plexed affair story between Lauren-Sean-Paul.

Lauren changed his boyfriend every time he changed. Change your loved ones like dressing, but with Lauren, Victor is always the most. Sean, the southern man steeped in the party and the stimulant, loves each Lauren but is ready to go for a bed with any girl. And the other character is Paul, handsome, bistatic, who dated Lauren but specially loves Sean.

The voices in turn were changed, when Paul, when Sean, when Lauren or maybe also Patrick, Victor, Rupert… But who tells me what matters, because they are all young people who are immersed, thirst for life, want to occupy the full honey of spring, and fall into a trap, from wild to confusion, for the young age to slip.

As a result of night-time pleasures, bed-in beds do not have any of the main protections of illness, abortion, suicide… While the character Sean is so bored with the trouble that he takes himself in, the two attempts to suicide without becoming lost and astray on the long road. Then Lauren had to abortions because of the sex. Of course, Lauren and Sean are not a special case or an exception to Camden. They are one of them.

A cramped generation of raw material for excess.

The New York Times had a very precise commentary on the author Bret Easton Ellis and In the midst of an empty spring bar: “The novel has continued to affirm Ellis’s reputation as one of the important sources of handouts in the ongoing investigation N of the upper-American middle-Eastern watch what is happening to his children. ”
It was the year of the 1980 years that Ellis had lived through, where the American society had just walked through the “to the epicenter” of the Vietnam War and that excessive wealth caused the family and society structures to begin to break. Divorced parents, a broken marriage (even if this does not happen will be unusual, as a character in the novel expresses astonishment) and wealth that makes a generation of young people now must “cramped” lives.

Camden School, with characters like Lauren, Paul, Sean, meetings, sex… is purely fictional but it is also not a rare affair in American society. What special material smells of money, material helped the author to draw up True, by the text is both angry, just dily, a sharp and alive but also deserted, lost.

Ellis has a talent for describing negative behaviors, attitudes, and indifference. There was no need to wait for his most outstanding work – American Psycho, which was shown right in the middle of the empty spring. Ellis let her characters rattle on each other’s pain; coldly don’t care if someone is dying of suicide.

Not the wake of the provincial scene, not the lesson too stiff… In the midst of the empty spring bar is like an earthly, where the young people are caught up with feeble voices and lose direction while living in an American society too redundant with matter.

Bret Easton Ellis (7/3/1964) is an American writer. He published six novels and a collection of short stories, becoming one of the guest names and the attraction of contemporary American literature.

Besides the middle of the empty Spring Bar (1987), his famous works include none (Less Than Zero), American Psycho, Glamorama, The informers and Lunar Park. Most of Ellis’s work was transformed into a film and achieved much success.