New job opportunities are created by robots.

Far from the pessimisle of many people about the robot can replace people doing a lot of work and indirectly promotes unemployment, however the robot is able to create more new jobs.

Robots are now gradually becoming a part of life. They replaced the dust to care for children, the elderly. Especially the automation process and robot application in production has brought about major changes in industry, especially performance and yield. However, the appearance of robots is causing many people to be afraid to lose their jobs in the future because they do not keep pace with constant changes.

clip_image003 Cloud computing could be Alibaba's next big goal.

A report on 2018 year by the World Economic Forum (WEF) admits, millions of future jobs will be automated and replaced by robots. These changes are largely influenced by the low-skill requirements and the work of many. This will surely increase the social inequality and unemployment. However, WEF also said that robots can provide more positive opportunities. In addition to the robot that can replace 75 million jobs globally in 2022, it can also generate 133 million new jobs for humans.

Advances in computing technology will unleash the human power and open new tasks and missions, requiring skillful handling and human analysis. We will surely have to learn how to handle new work in a style. At this, the robot does not necessarily replace us but is a perfect human assistant. Instead of losing time for jobs that can be automated, we can get a robot for help and spend time focused on more creative, abstract tasks.

The robot work of the throne will be much different. Although they are all long-standing jobs, they will be recompiled and developed in a completely new, safer, efficient and cost-effective way. Here are 7 job opportunities in the industry that can be created thanks to robots:

1. Health.

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Robots will become a powerful aid tool in medicine but of course there must be human supervision. Specifically the robot will be the same with humans, assisting us in complex surgeries, requiring high accuracy that sometimes people are difficult to achieve due to the limitations of health.

Medical robots will operate under the guidance of specialists and surgeons. Although the cost of shopping for medical robots is quite large, from 2 million USD or more, these robots are needed for medical purposes and human health care.

Furthermore, when a medical robot is present, doctors and scientists can spend time researching new medical technologies and effective cures to protect patients ‘ health.

2. Press.

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Journalism is a career field that requires very high human factors. A robot who writes newspaper named Radar can collaborate with journalists to produce news articles. Reporters can create a series of templates and story themes. The Radar will then position approximately 500 nearby locations and select a suitable theme template to write into an article.

Robots like Radar will help to release considerable time for journalists, making it unnecessary to gather data regularly and allow them to focus on bringing important, hot and intensive news sources.

3. Data analysis.

clip_image009 Cloud computing could be Alibaba's next big goal.

The beginning of big data has brought many key sets of digital tools from machine learning to AI. They are designed to provide up-to-the-minute data about every aspect of life around us. A growing industry, it’s data analysis. They exist to help people gather and understand what the data means and find solutions to action from them.

Data analysis is the future of shopping. The benefit from data analytics helps retailers and marketers easily target the destination, giving people a personalized shopping experience based on data analysis and algorithms.

4. Software development.

clip_image011 Cloud computing could be Alibaba's next big goal.

The software is a field that will surely thrive as it serves primarily for the fabrication of robots. The main developers are the brains of robots because they are the ones who create the life and function for robots. In the future, it is also the software developers who decide to be aware of robots with the world of interest.

Developers should continue to build AI systems to improve and improve what people can do and improve the quality of life for people, instead of completely replacing existing ones.

5. Social media.

We live in a connected world where social media media is predominant. Especially, social networking promises to bring a lot of new jobs to everyone. At this site robots and artificial intelligence will provide considerable help to people in managing and personalized the user experience. At this moment people can spend more time researching and developing new features for social networking.

Like newspapers, social media is also a very effective communication and communication channel due to its high spread. While automated tools help us manage, track and monetize content, people shouldn’t be overly abusive to robots and AI to manage social media, as the human factor still needs to be put to the highest.

6. Customer Service.

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While algorithms can threaten the future of many professions such as retail, customer care or transportation, the automation of customer care services is in fact creating a completely new industry.

It is caring and consulting customer service through the help of robots. Although automated solutions can significantly improve work performance but overall customer service is still a sector that needs human exposure. The future of customer service is individualized customer experience. People do not want to thanks to the robots when they have problems, what they need to be a sympathetic person and understand their problem.

7. Education.

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Another field where robots are opening up job opportunities for humans is education. From teaching support to the management of online learning systems and digital repositories, robots will become a powerful assistant to the human being in teaching and learning.

Artificial intelligence provides researchers and writers the ability to understand many new things from old texts, while helping people learn about a wide range of endless topics in the world. In the future, robots will also help to enhance the human experience, build completely new ways of understanding and learning.

Eventually the robot will also live with people in the house or the business. It will help mankind build a brighter future by uplifting human weaknesses and constantly improving, improving our strengths.