Song Hye Kyo was “terrorized” after her bold style changes.

Recently, Song Hye Kyo attended an event in China and it’s quickly reached the top on Weibo. Reportedly, Song Hye Kyo only appeared at the event exactly 15 minutes.

Song Hye Kyo’s entire content share: “Hello everyone, I’m Song Hye Kyo, this is my first time to Sanya. I’m happy to be here to meet my fans. I know that there are a lot of fans who were there and waiting for me, I really appreciate everyone’s feelings.

Today, a lot of people are here to help me. I will continue to work hard and bring a better view to everyone, thank you “.

Song-Hye-Kyo-1 Song Hye Kyo was "terrorized" after her bold style changes.

During the next time, Song Hye Kyo shared about her skincare tips, focusing on the cosmetic brands.

The host is also skillful, not asking sensitive issues. After the sharing tips, Song Hye Kyo greeted the fans and took pictures with the brand manager. The brief meeting only lasts about 15 minutes and ends.

Song Hye Kyo is more sexy after divorce.

It is not too much to say that Song Hye Kyo is getting more stronger after the divorce. Song Hye Kyo has a very positive post-divorce status. Many people have to admit that the actress is more beautiful and sexy than before. Some people even claim that Song Hye Kyo is in the peak period of her age.

According to Chinese netizens, Song Hye Kyo is really on the right track after the divorce.

Song Hye Kyo continues to return to normal work schedules. However, there is an unexpected change in Song Hye Kyo that she seems to be completely molting.

Song Hye Kyo has long been attached to a sweet feminine image. Even from the way of dressing and dressing, it is quite tight and somewhat conservative. However, after the divorce Song Hye Kyo unexpectedly changed from the gentle makeup style to the smoke makeup style. She also experimented with the sexy dresses for showing off her feminine beauty.

Song-Hye-Kyo Song Hye Kyo was "terrorized" after her bold style changes.

This bold transformation of Song Hye Kyo received mixed reactions. According to many people, Song Hye Kyo does not fit this personality makeup so she should still be loyal to her sweet makeup. However, quite a lot of people support the changes of Song Hye Kyo.

Interestingly, this is the opposite reaction from Chinese-Korean netizen. A lot of Korean netizens protested and let out a lot of harsh words on the social network about Song Hye Kyo and said that she looked ugly: “Why are Song Hye Kyo like to smoke makeup style right now? She’s trying seems to show people that you are tired, humor “…

And the Chinese netizens are constantly giving praise to Song Hye Kyo: She is really beautiful; Song Hye Kyo is suitable for all types of makeup; Is there a law that requires women to be ugly after divorce; Do not understand why she was scolded for being beautiful.

Criticized by Korean fans.

On July 12, Song Hye Kyo became the focus of the media when she appeared at a super-luxury event gathering powerful international stars like Hollywood star Natalie Portman, supermodel couple Natalia Vodianova – businessman Antoine Arnault and Liu Yifei in Monaco.

Exhilarating with the bold and sexy image and beauty at the top after the divorce of the century, Song Hye Kyo is suddenly hit by a lot of Korean “terrorists” with sarcasm and bad criticism. What happened?

The cause stems from the recent Song Hye Kyo attending a series of events in China with a calm attitude, fresh expression while still in the process of processing divorce papers.

Worth mentioning earlier, media sites have also spread rumors about Song Hye Kyo having a HongKong giant to look after.

Therefore, when witnessing the attitude of the actress in these events, the Korean netizens became even angrier and thought that this rumor was true, gradually coming up with a series of netizens “terrorizing” Song Hye Kyo with malice comments.

Song-Hye-Kyo-Netizen Song Hye Kyo was "terrorized" after her bold style changes.

The series of comments received great sympathy: “To tell the truth that I didn’t like her before. She has too many scandals about her life.

Despite being named in the top 3 most beautiful beauties besides Kim Tae Hee and Jeon Ji Hyun, but she cannot speak impressively, her body is short, and even a tax scandal … She is too much omission. “,” Joong Ki, she is so annoying. Throw out all the information! “,” She looks like she’s crazy about money “…

Song-Hye-Kyo-Netizen-1 Song Hye Kyo was "terrorized" after her bold style changes.

The netizens are not shy about sarcasm Song Hye Kyo, who even turns out to hate the actress: “I hope she can focus on taking care of her inner beauty rather than the beauty of form”, “Divorce is not a crime, but how can she laugh and dress up nicely as nothing happened, they can praise her pretty but for me, her inner is not beautiful “,” I don’t like her anymore “…

Song-Hye-Kyo-Netizen-2 Song Hye Kyo was "terrorized" after her bold style changes.

At a sensitive divorce period, Song Hye Kyo kept the same attitude as when the rumors of trouble between her and her husband Song Joong Ki were raised, it was silent, cheerful as usual and ignored the language. However, the actress’s calm attitude makes her fans panic, especially because there are too many false rumors targeting Song Hye Kyo at this time.

Song-Hye-Kyo-Netizen-3 Song Hye Kyo was "terrorized" after her bold style changes.

The public is still divided into two streams of opinion, critic Song Hye Kyo and suspects the floating rumors are real, the party still believes and defends the cult actress.

Source: Sina, Weibo, Nate