The act of banning cruise ship to Cuba is confusing American tourists.

According to the announcement the Administration of President Trump on Tuesday (4/6), the U.S. broke the legacy of former president Obama, again tightening the American visitors to Cuba. The large cruise ships will no longer be sailing to Cuba easily.

Confusion around the ban is a common point where tourist websites, travel companies, and travel-related passengers have to come to Cuba. After the order was issued, the Norwegian Cruise Line travel Company announced that: “The company will closely monitor changes and impacts relating to travel by boat to Cuba. We will contact customers as well as travel partners when we have new information. ” Erica Silverstein, a senior editor at the CRITC Cruise review site said, this company is also in time to decrypt the ban and wait to proceed to the next step.

For passengers who have already purchased a ticket, Ms. Erica said they also have many questions about the ban with those who have paid in full or partially paid for travel to Cuba.

The policy change in the Trump administration also eliminates the group travel (as per the study or cultural exchange) considered in the Appendix Group adopted in the travel terms of the Americans.

The US Department of Finance on 4/6 officially prohibits the organization of group tourism, travel by sea vessels and individual yachts from country to Cuba. This ban targets popular approaches for American and Cuban American tourists to the Caribbean.

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The Ministry of Finance has also declared an additional: “Study tour groups with a prior approval, will continue to proceed on an old schedule until the day 5/6/2019 “.

Under former President Barack Obama, Cuba’s travel regulations were looser, individuals easily traveled when passed some travel rules without having to undergo applications and approval procedures.

President Trump has tightened the laws on 11/2017, allowing only visitors to follow the group to be traveled under the supervision of American customs officer.