The global economy damages 5,000 billion per year due to air pollution.

The global economy damages 5,000 billion per year due to air pollution.

Approximately 6.5 million people die early each year due to air pollution. More than 95% of the world’s population is breathing in a toxic atmosphere.

These said figures are the cause of the United Nations ‘ choice of air pollution ‘ as the subject of World Environment Day 5/6 this year.

The global economy damages 5,000 billion per year due to air pollution.

According to the UN, all nations, communities and Society need to act to improve the quality of the air environment in all cities and regions around the world.
According to the World Health Organization, 91% of the early world deaths due to air pollution were in poor and populous countries in Southeast Asia and the western Pacific Ocean.

Not only developing countries, the developed countries are also witnecting tens of thousands of deaths per year due to air pollution. In particular, victims are most affected as children, the future owners of the Earth.

The right to enjoy a fresh environment is that human rights have been at least 155 countries unified adopted in the global documents and treaties.

Ensuring a clean environment and minimizing air pollution with green living options is a way for each person to be able to take care of themselves, their families, and the Earth.

Air pollution is a major change in the composition of air, mainly due to smoke, dust, vapours or strange gases inserted into the air, there is an exothermic, reduce vision, cause climate change, cause human disease, and can also harm For other organisms such as animals and food crops, and may damage the natural environment or construction. Human activity and natural processes can cause air pollution.

What is the cause of air pollution?

There are two main reasons why air pollution is now: natural pollution and human-induced air pollution is caused by man-made air pollution is the main factor leading to heavy pollution As the present is also the main cause for the figure 3 million worth the mind.

Natural cause air pollution.

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  • Pollution from the Wind: Wind is also one of the causes of air pollution. Dirt, gases can be pushed by the wind away hundreds of kilometers, causing the pollution to spread to the wide area quickly;
  • Storm: Born NOx is the main cause of the storm to become a cause of environmental pollution. In addition, the sandstorm carrying fine dust (PM10, PM 2.5) causes the proportion of fine dust pollution to rise.
  • Wildfire: Forest fires will cause the amount of nitrogen oxide in the air to rise quite a lot because of the large size of fires and long periods of quenching.
  • Volcano: When there is a volcanic eruption, the amount of methane, chlorine, sulfur… Cause the air to become more polluted.
  • There are also some other factors like radioactive substances in nature, waves… Also contributes a small part to the phenomenon of air pollution.

Human cause air pollution.

air-pollution How to treat depression with foods?
The global economy damages 5,000 billion per year due to air pollution.

It can be said that the main reason for the heavy pollution of the present is largely due to activities from activities and work that people create. From simple activities such as cooking, transportation to manufacturing activities, the industrial plant has been increasingly causing serious impact and is the problem of the whole society, especially with developing countries-where they are The world’s landfills as they develop environmental protection issues are laid up, the developing countries become a destination for large production centralized corporations that make the air polluted quickly and Worse. Here are some of the causes of air pollution under the human impact:

  • Smoke, dust from the plants: occupy the greatest proportion of the causes of pollution not the air but also the source of water, food. In dust smoke from plants with a large amount of gases CO2, CO, SO2, NOx, organic matter is not yet burnt: coal, dust) with extremely high concentrations. If during the process of air emissions is not good will adversely affect the health of people living in that area. It is even the main cause of acid rain, which causes a lot of damage to humans as well as crop crops.
  • Traffic: The amount of smoke, dust from cars, motorcycles, general means to use gas fuel to operate… Also very large by the number of daily traffic participants is extremely high. For countries that have not yet developed or are developing, the means of transport can pollute more air when using obsolete means as well as infrastructure for the remaining undeveloped public transportation services.
  • War or military exercises: nuclear weapons, toxic gases, chemical warfare, and missiles are also one of the causes of this air pollution.
  • Activities: mainly from cooking activities using raw materials such as wood, charcoal.

How to preventing, overcoming air pollution issues?

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  • Improving human working machinery, updating new technology for the production line has just accelerated the work efficiency while reducing dust smoke out;
  • Educating people of measures aimed at raising consciousness as well as lessoff actions that cause air pollution in the air but also water resources;
  • Actively inspecting large plants on a regular basis to help these units to comply with the state’s environmental protection policy as well as to rapidly identify the organizations that are violating the environmental protection regulations;
  • Use of fuel and oil substituting fuels to prevent air pollution;
  • Enhancing plant greenery in habitats;
  • Changing the habit of using public transport in behalf of personal transportation, implement policies to prioritize, encourage people to use public transport more frequently.
  • Greening the living space by actively planting green trees, condemnation and strict punishment for the object of devastating environment, the pirate…