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Special compounds in wine help treat depression.

The discovery of a special compound in red wine paved the way for the development of new natural anti-depressant and anxiety medicines. Previously there have been many studies on the benefits of red wine, including strengthening the immune system, increasing bone density, preventing obesity. Recently, however, some new effects of red wine are known, such […]

Do you know the unexpected effect of banana shells?

You will not doubt that banana shells bring a lot of effects to health such as improving digestive system, lowering cholesterol and curing common...

Controversy: Vitamins and pharmaceutical advertising tricks?

When used correctly, vitamins are a miracle for the human body. However, too many advertising tricks sometimes turn this drug into a scam. Today, the...

Blueberries helps reduce the risk of heart attack.

Scientists from the University of East Anglia, in collaboration with colleagues from Harvard University, have come to the conclusion that eating 150 grams of...

The 12 seriously things affected people due to climate change.

Are you sophisticated enough to recognize the effects of temperature, air pollution and ultraviolet light on your body? Climate change is not only causing...

13 unknown uses of cabbage

Cabbage is a very familiar vegetable and thrives in the winter. However, this is a nutritious vegetable, both used for eating, healing, both for...

How to diet against cancer?

Tumors often arise from an unbalanced diet, too much meat and sugar, and cereals, fruits, vegetables and dairy products are not enough. According to...

Vegetarianism and the issues of endocrine disorders – metabolism

Currently the rate of endocrine diseases and flower transfer increases and rejuvenates. Many people have chosen a vegetarian diet in the hope of reducing...

Scorpion’s venom is the most expensive liquid on the planet.

Deathstalker (Death Scorpion) is one of the most dangerous scorpions in the planet, its venom being the world's most expensive liquid for $ 39...

We are harder to control our weight than we think

We all have a confident friend who eats, eats and eats a lot without gaining any extra weight. Unfortunately, if you want to know...
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