Scorpion’s venom is the most expensive liquid on the planet.

Deathstalker (Death Scorpion) is one of the most dangerous scorpions in the planet, its venom being the world’s most expensive liquid for $ 39 million per gallon.

Venom from a Death scorpion (Deathstalker) can kill people, but at the same time can give people a huge amount of money. At a price of $ 39 million per gallon (1 gallon = 3.78 liters), the Venom Scorpion is the most expensive liquid in the world.

Even if there is enough money, you can not buy 1 gallon scorpion venom. Instead, you can only purchase an extremely small amount. 130 USD is the amount you have to leave to own 1 drop of venom that is less than 1 particle size.

Why are so so expensive scorpion venom?

Scorpions are hard to take. The scorpion’s venom had to be manually extracted and extracted one after another. A scorpion can only produce a maximum of 2 milligrams per extraction.

Try doing a math, if you have a scorpion, you will have to extraction 2.64 million times to fill a gallon. The person who took the venom also faced the risk of a scorpion bite. Although an insufficient sting kills a healthy person, it will surely hurt.

The-most-expensive-liquid-on-the-planet Scorpion's venom is the most expensive liquid on the planet.

Another reason why scorpion venom became expensive, it was its application in medicine. Inside the deadly venom of the scorpion contains a lot of ingredients that help in the creation of innovative, pioneering medicines.

For example, chlorotoxin in the scorpion venom may be associated with some cancer cells in the brain and spine, thereby helping to determine the specific size and location of tumors.

Researchers also use scorpions to get rid of malaria in mosquitoes. Kaliotoxin in the scorpion venom was also tested to cure bone diseases on rats. Scientists hope it also has the same effectiveness on people.

The more you study the scorpion, scientists have discovered many uses. This means that the demand for scorpion venom will not cease to increase. So they are trying to figure out how to extract the Scorpion venom faster.

In 2017, a group of Morocco scientists invented a remotely controllable tadpole machine and helped to capture the scorpion venom quickly four times more than humans. They hope this type of machine will be available in the market over the next few years, making the scorpion’s process more rapid and safer.