We are harder to control our weight than we think

We all have a confident friend who eats, eats and eats a lot without gaining any extra weight. Unfortunately, if you want to know their tips to learn from because this thinness despite eating a lot has been etched into everyone’s DNA.

A new study, published in PLOS Genetics, explores the genetic structure of lean and obese people. Their findings highlight some of the new genetic variants that are widely associated with obesity and others related to “healthy leanness,” which may help explain why some people find it easier to stay in shape than others.

Mostly when it comes to obesity, people will focus on causes such as the environment, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet. Those reasons are true, but the study has shown that gene structure plays a major role as a determinant.

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In short, obesity is not simply because you eat too much hamburger.

“Research shows that thin people who eat a lot can easily stay in shape because their genes do not contain many gene structures that increase the likelihood of being overweight”. The head of the project, Prof. Sadaf Farooqi said: “It’s easy to judge and criticize a person for their weight, but science has shown this problem to be much more complicated, the ability to control the weight of we may be much lower than we think “.

Scientists led by Cambridge University in the United Kingdom studied the DNA of about 14,000 people – 1,622 thin people, 1,985 serious obese people and 10,433 people with average body mass index (BMI). After identifying common genetic samples in thin people, the scientists calculated the genetic risk score for each person.

Dr. Inês Barroso of the Sanger Wellcome Institute said of the results: “As expected, we found that obese people had a higher risk of genetic risk than normal-weight people, which contributed to the risk of being overweight. It seems that the genetic dice block has shed bad results for overweight people”.

Although there is no clear explanation yet about the effect of genes on weight gain, scientists assume that these genetic factors influence a person’s metabolism.

Simple tips to help you burn more calories.

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Although being overweight is heavily influenced by genetics and you’re unlucky to be a person prone to gaining weight, that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to keep your body fit and slim. neat. Here are some simple tips you can apply daily:

Sit up straight: Although it is just a simple habit, it helps a lot in reducing the amount of cortisol hormone, causing fat accumulation and obesity, produced in the body, thereby consuming a lot of energy. more redundant. Besides, the hormone cortisol is usually produced when the body is under stress, so keeping in mind can help you gain weight. Try to establish the habit of sitting up straight when eating, working or doing anything else to support the weight loss process to be effective.

Stand while waiting: If you’re traveling on a bus or in any other waiting situation, stand up instead of standing still. Just 1 hour of standing will help you burn 50 excess calories in the body, much more effective than sitting still on a chair.

Eat slowly, chew carefully: The slow chewing will help your brain receive signals of fullness sooner. At the same time, this routine also helps to control the amount of food you consume, thereby reducing the calorie intake at each meal.

Wish you always have good health!