Banned Ads Commercials in India | Durex | Cricketing Fun

Fun filled banned durex ads gelled with cricketing words and terminilogies that really makes these ads awesome to watch.

India is a cricket-crazy nation and cricket is the flavour of the season. Cashing in on the ongoing cricket fever, RB’s (formerly Reckitt Benckiser) sexual wellness brand Durex rolled out a quirky, eye-grabbing digital campaign titled #D20 Dictionary .The campaign had run through the length of the entire duration of the ICC T20 tournament.
Strategically executed by iContract, (the digital arm of Contract Advertising), the campaign is a series of still ads comprising of cricketing terms with sexual innuendos such as sledging, run out, and obstructing the field. The dictionary draws a smart parallel between the game of cricket and the art of love-making.