Experience the game Asphalt 9: Legends

After more than half a year of waiting, Asphalt 9 Legend was finally released globally. And with this “Legend” version, many previous players rated it as “blood-sucking” more than the Airborne version. Today I will review the Asphalt 9 details to see how attractive this game is.

1. The game interface is not much changed.

In general, the interface of Asphalt 9 does not change very much compared to Asphalt 8, for me, this is still one of the interfaces is quite confused when looking at the first time and the color is somewhat gaudy.

Talking about this UI / UX of Asphalt 9, I can hardly appreciate it because Gameloft crammed too much information on a tiny phone at the same time from the main interface.

2. Improved graphics.

If your device can be adjusted up to the highest graphics level, you will feel how much Asphalt 9 is improved in terms of image. The racing car images become clearer and more authentic. The nitro effect also becomes more eye-catching with colorful wind splashes covering the body.

The effects of breaking down when obstacles and obstacles along the road are also much improved, in accordance with the rhythm, the pace of racing very fast. Even the elements of weather such as rain and surroundings become much more authentic.

3. “Instant” play.

Part of the improvements on Asphalt 9 is instant play – Touch Drive. That is, you just need to swipe, touch to control the car, instead of tilting the phone as before.

My assessment is that this type of racing makes it easier for players to drive, to focus on driving better. With this driving style, you will never miss nitro or miss flying mats to tumble.

If you are still unfamiliar with this style of play or like “Hardcore” style, you can return to the tilt mode to control. Even I like this kind of car tilt because it’s very interesting when you can completely drive your car according to your own wishes and the “already” experience.

4. Very good sound.

The tracks that appear in Asphalt 9 are mostly vibrant rock music, style “Underground”, which feels like you’re racing in the real world. Exciting music helped reduce the boredom of engine sounds, or the times of tearing nitro blows.

5. “Bloodsucking” problem.

Regardless of a game that requires revenue to build and develop the game, the game can be maintained. As rampant Asphalt 8: Airborne hacked, Gameloft lost its revenue, making Asphalt 9: Legend need to have improvements to prevent this problem.

Specifically, your account will be constantly updated with the server, this means that you must have a continuous network connection when playing Asphalt 9. With hacked accounts, this will be more easily detected.

The “blood-sucking” mechanism of Asphalt 9 has changed into a “bad luck” piece of the puzzle (Blueprint) to unlock cars, upgraded items, … instead of ending money to buy off as the previous version. Good luck, you open many times to get enough pieces to unlock the car, and bad luck, we all know how it ends.

For free players like me, I don’t care about nice cars, good cars, just play and unlock gradually, whichever is your money. Maybe playing to Asphalt 10 is not over for Asphalt 9 yet.


In general, Asphalt 9 is one of the outstanding improvements of Gameloft with the series of mobile racing games, from gameplay to sound are lively and attractive to players. The bad points still exist are the interface design and “bloodsucking” can make the number of players decrease.