Top 10 BANNED Commercials Ads in Indian Television History

1. New York Lotto 1999
International Tv ad of New York Lotto featuring Bipasha basu & Vivek Oberoi .

2. Lux Cozy TV Commercial (2007)
This Ad was given an all clear signal by the ASCI when it was under question but the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting banned transmission of the ad on the grounds of being indecent, vulgar and suggestive.

3. Amul Macho TV Commercial (2007)
This Amul Macho advertisement was a launching pad for model Sana Khan , where she was seen exhibiting some over the top and sexually suggestive expressions while washing a
man’s underwear and the words “yeh toh bada toing hai” being repeated in the background.

4. Fastrack TV Commercial (2011)
Cricketer Virat Kohli and actress Genelia D’Souza were hired by Fastrack for a series of commercials.
This ad was condemned by several Aviation companies, however, the cases filed against it were not upheld.

5. Motorola TV Commercial (2008)
This ad for the phone Motorola C550 was banned from airing in India, and for very obvious reasons. The video was encouraging people to be perverts in public with the help of the phones camera which can take pictures instantly. Check it out.

6. Kamasutra Condoms TV Commercial (1991)
This ad which aired in 1991, featured Pooja Bedi and Marc Robinson in a shower scene The TV commercial was banned on Doordarshan since it challenged conservative Indian sensibilities.

7. XXX Condoms ad from DKT India-2012
While ASCI has asked DKT India, the company promoting the condoms, to produce the ad films for a fresh review, Censor Board chairman Sharmila Tagore has asked I&B minister Priya Ranjan Dasmunsi and I&B secretary S K Arora to immediately stop the ad from being aired during the day and between the ongoing Champions Trophy cricket matches.

8. Wild Stone Deo TV Commercial (2007)
A company from West Bengal, that was virtually unknown, made quite an entry into the market thanks to the controversy surrounding this ad. The ad shows a homely Bengali woman bumping into a man during Durga Pooja celebrations, and because of his deo she gets turned on is compelled to have sex with him.

9. Vguard Controversial Ad(2011)

10. Zatak Deo TV Commercial (2010)
The ad ends with the woman taking her wedding ring off. This commercial faced a lot of flak from feminist organisations.