Do you know the unexpected effect of banana shells?

You will not doubt that banana shells bring a lot of effects to health such as improving digestive system, lowering cholesterol and curing common skin problems.

Soothes the itching of burning insects: scrub the banana shell onto the swelling, itching due to insect bites, you will see instant results. The “remedy” is also said to have an effect on rashes caused by poisonous plants.

Laxatives: Eating bananas both shells or adding shells to smoothies, is a way to help you digest better. If you don’t believe it, you can try.

Tooth whitening: The banana shell contains potassium-a substance that can whiten teeth naturally without damaging the tooth enamel. Rub the inside of the banana shell on your teeth every day for about two weeks and you will see the teeth whitening gradually.

banana-shells-2 How to treat depression with foods?

Improve your skin: Banana shells contain a lot of good antioxidants for the skin. In order to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and acne, you just scrub the banana bark directly onto the skin and rinse the face back 30 minutes.

Sleep better: Tryptophan and serotonin are two substances found in banana shells that work to improve sleep in a natural way, helping you to relax more easily into sleep. So eating a little banana shells before bedtime can help you have deeper sleep and more quality.

Helps your eyes: The special ingredient of banana peel helps the better eye is lutein. This is a powerful antioxidant that can disable the harmful free radicals, as well as shield the eye from UV radiation from sunlight.

Lowering cholesterol levels: fiber in banana peel can reduce your cholesterol level. This is very important to maintain a healthy heart.

Kill warts: You can paste a piece of banana peels into warts and leave overnight. Let’s do this until the warts fall off. You can handle warts more quickly if you cut off the dead acne before laying up the banana shells.

banana-shells-3 How to treat depression with foods?

Polishing objects: Try to scrub the bananas onto leather boots and silver items to clean and make them shiny.