Horror dish from the red caterpillar.

Scientists believe that the processing of food-making insects has many benefits, the first of which is to help solve the scarce food demand, and the second is to eat very healthy insects. This is also a favorite dish of people in some countries.

A dish is considered by some to be a masterpiece. However, for many others, it is scary because it is made from the red caterpillar.

The scientific name of the red caterpillar is Cricula Trifenestrata. This is a species of worm that has a long history and very much on cashew trees. In juvenile age, Cricula Trifenestrata is a real variety but the main food is still old cashew leaves. Red caterpillars often live in large populations, up to 4 – 5 individuals / 1 leaf, the ability to move to find food is very strong.

Favorable growth conditions in the temperature range of 24 – 30 degrees C and humidity above 70%. Farmers often see this red caterpillar as a natural disaster and seek to eradicate it.

However, in some other countries, most notably Indonesia, silviculture researchers have applied science to successfully cultivate this species of a cocoon. Silk from this worm offers high value for handmade products. The price is 8 times higher than the same processed product from mulberry silk.