How young is Chen Hong at age 51

On June 20, actress Chen Hong attended an event at the Shanghai International Film Festival. She became the focus of attention by young beauty despite turning 51.

For a long time, Chen Hong’s beauty is praised by Chinese audiences. She was reportedly awarded many titles such as “The most beautiful actress in China”, “The most beautiful actress in the screen”, “The treasure of ancient movies”.

She was assigned the role of the female lead in many adaptation films from Chiung Yao’s novels with a long coincidence. Chen Hong was also twice assigned to play the role of Diaochan in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, meaning 1994, Diaochan and Lu Bu.

Chen-Hong How young is Chen Hong at age 51

Chen Hong is currently not filming, but her husband, director Chen Kaige is a producer. She spent a lot of time supporting acting for her son Chen Fei Yu. Every time the son receives a new film, she will come to the film crew to take care of and guide the acting for the child.

The most beautiful actress in China at age 51.

Chen-Hong-is-young-at-age-51-1 How young is Chen Hong at age 51 Chen-Hong-is-young-at-age-51-2 How young is Chen Hong at age 51 Chen-Hong-is-young-at-age-51-3 How young is Chen Hong at age 51 Chen-Hong-is-young-at-age-51-5 How young is Chen Hong at age 51 Chen-Hong-is-young-at-age-51-6 How young is Chen Hong at age 51 Chen Hong is loved by the beautiful beauty, Chen Hong still bears the name of “the woman who marries her husband” when she determined to pursue director Chen Kaige. Chen Hong used to know Chen Kaige when she auditioned for the movie Temptress Moon. Having admired the talented director, Chen Hong immediately fell in love with Chen Kaige 16 years older than her.

Love story – the couple’s grandchildren used to spend a lot of paper on the press. Chen Kaige was living as husband and wife with another woman. Later, Chen Hong was said to be deliberately pregnant to force Chen Kaige to marry him.

Chen-Hong-is-young-at-age-51-7 How young is Chen Hong at age 51

After 23 years, the two now live happily together and have two sons. In it, the second son Chen Fei Yu is considered to inherit the beauty of his mother.

ever-night How young is Chen Hong at age 51
Chen Fei Yu in Ever Night 2018

Chen Feiyu was born in 2000, 1.88 m tall, and studied in the US. Since entering the entertainment industry, Chen Fei Yu has been starred in the films Secret Fruit, Ever Night, Legend of Awakening … In Ever Night, veteran actors such as Hu Jun, Leon Lai, Chin Shih-chieh, Qin Yiming, etc. also played a role for Chen Fei Yu.