Kang Daniel and Jihyo (Twice group) announced dating.

On August 5, the management company of the two artists said they were dating. Kang Daniel and Jihyo of girl group TWICE confirmed dating. Jihyo and Kang Daniel became lovers since the beginning of this year, after a time of acquaintance through friends.

Previously, Dispatch news posted a series of photos of Kang Daniel and Jihyo secretly meeting. The couple always arranged to meet at least once a week, despite the tight schedule. Jihyo often drives to her boyfriend’s house in Hannam-dong, Seoul.

The rest of Twice know Jihyo’s love story, helping her to keep the relationship secret. Dispatch is the famous Korean hunting site, and has released dating photos of couples Kim Tae Hee – Rain, Yoona – Lee Seung Gi …

jihyo-kang Kang Daniel and Jihyo (Twice group) announced dating.

Kang Daniel and Jihyo are both sought after idols. Kang Daniel was born in 1996, famous in 2017, when he joined the show looking for Produce 101 talent. After that, he went to Wanna One, working for 18 months. When the group disbanded, Kang Daniel retained his charisma as a solo artist.

At the end of July, Kang Daniel released his debut album – Color on me. The album sold over 342,000 copies a day by Hanteo – Korea’s leading music distribution system. This is the highest achievement of a Kpop solo artist.

In 2005, Jihyo won a singing contest, from which she became JYP trainee. Entertainment. In 2015, she debuted as the leader, the lead vocalist of Twice group.

Some Kpop audience commented on Naver page that both are beautiful. Kang Daniel was born in 1996, one year older than Jihyo. They are all top Kpop artists. Male idol was dubbed the “national center”, has just set a record of solo artists selling the most albums in the first day. And Jihyo is the leader of TWICE, the number one girl group in Korea today.

TWICE-group Kang Daniel and Jihyo (Twice group) announced dating.

The male singer were criticized by fans. Many comments criticized Kang Daniel because he stealthily dated. Kang Daniel just started his solo career about 2 weeks. Fans of Kang Daniel have spent money to buy support albums to help him set a record.

In Kpop entertainment, fans do not want their idols to love too soon. They want idols to focus on their careers. This thought has been judged to be selfish, violating the artist’s privacy. But not many idols are afraid of fans turning back but not daring to talk about love.

In addition, many people worry that Jihyo will be attacked by fans of Kang Daniel. A number of artists who openly date quickly broke up because of fan objections such as Kai-Jennie, Taeyeon – Baekhyun, Jonghyun (SHINee) and Shin Se Kyung.

In April 2019, Kang Daniel also got rumors going back and forth with a Hong Kong lady. According to Korean media, this person helped Kang Daniel fight the management company, terminating the contract to form a new company.

Kang-Daniel Kang Daniel and Jihyo (Twice group) announced dating.

In March, Jihyo also noticed when he burst into tears at the airport. Since the scandal of Seungri and his group has exploded, on the Korean social network, there appeared a photo of Jihyo naked. Later, there were rumors that she was one of the victims filmed by Jung Joon Young. The company that manages JYP Ent. clarifying that it was a fake photo, deliberately cut by anti-fan.