“Keanu Reeves sorrow”, a different name in Hollywood.

"Keanu Reeves sorrow", the photo has become a famous meme on the internet.

Last week, I read an article in The New York Times newspaper about the situation at Mount Everest, where climbers had come to shove each other to take photos on the top of the mountain, creating a calamitous man.

I was surprised to understand so it is definitely a metaphor that is convincing our life today: always stumbling on a cliff to try to grab whatever is “the trend” many.

“I know that people who love us will miss us”.

That tale, like therefore tales which are numerous these days, elicits anxiety, panic, and horror with human being ignorance. Luckily, the online world has recently offered us a dosage that is uncommon of this catastrophe of the news: Keanu Reeves.

Take the moment, for example, a few weeks hence, Reeves appeared on The belated Show to promote John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, the installment that is latest in his action show.

Nearby the end of the interview, Stephen Colbert (the Show that is late host asks the actor what he thinks may happen after we die. Reeves was wearing a suit and tie that is dark and a mafia nature was considering leaving everything to attend monks.

He was silent for a quick minute, then answered, with clear caution: “I understand people who love us will miss us.” That answer was so wise, so insightful, that it was like an antithesis to Colbert’s tv program, which was often the sort or kind of humor that teased spicily.

The video ended up being shared on Twitter a lot more than a hundred thousand times, but once I watched it, I felt like standing alone in a rock that is Japanese, listening to a whispering meditation project within my ear.

Keanu Reeves, 54, possessed a job that is 35-year Hollywood. He plays a teenager addicted to mood swings in River’s Edge, then a teenager addicted to playful temperament in Bill & Ted; action hero tortured in fictional series Matrix and action that is heroic dare to complete in Speed; The child in My Own Private Idaho, Don John was tricky in Much Ado About absolutely nothing and the great middle-aged man in Destination Wedding.

During the start of his career, his acting had been often criticized as stiff and confusing; even on YouTube, it remains possible to find compelling videos of scenes that Keanu Reeves “performed so badly” (“I’m an FBI agent,” he shouted, maybe not convincing today. , with Patrick Swayze in Point Break.

But over the years, the points that are strange Reeves’s performing style are more generous. He was not the kind of handsome Hollywood photogenic; he could be indifferent, mysterious and magical although he possessed a classic male beauty.

He created the sense of “falling from the sky”, the astonishment that is utopian from his roles, often accompanied by abnormal nature that was eloquent and overwhelming. Whatever his role, he is constantly himself. He was also aware of the impression he created.

The background of Keanu Reeves.

In the new Netflix comedy Always Be My possibly, with a comedy Ali Wong, he plays a tiny role himself, a dark-handsome Keanu, dressed up in black colored, deep and solemn, saying hoarse sentences dramatic and psychic substances, which make people around him either confused or find charming to death. “I remember how my soul was,” he gasped with Wong while kissing her, his mouth wide open.

We still don’t know much about him although we have spent more than three decades with Keanu Reeves. We know he’s Uk and Chinese origins – Hawaii that he had been born in Beirut, and. (Ali Wong once said she opted for him for often be My Maybe partly it) because he’s Asian American, regardless if many individuals forget.

His father was imprisoned for drug trafficking and left home whenever Keanu Reeves had been young. In his childhood, he wandered around, because their mother remarried times that are several relocated from Sydney to NY, and finally to Toronto.

We know he used to play hockey, he liked to ride a motorbike, and he experienced the tragedy that is unimaginable at the conclusion of the nineties, their child and his girlfriend, Jennifer Syme, passed away. while into the womb; two years later on, Syme died in a traffic accident.

Left, Keanu Reeves’s life is a book that is closed. Who are your friends? Just how is your family to your relationship? As Alex Pappademas penned, in a cover article for GQ mag last May, Keanu Reeves somehow understood that “managed to achieve a very nearly utopian feat of still being fully a mystical idol that is psychic despite during the same time is an A-class actor for decades. ”

Keanu-Reeves2 "Keanu Reeves sorrow", a different name in Hollywood.

That mystery makes every detail that is new know about Keanu Reeves’s life just as if a present of paper packages was exposed. In an appearance that is current The Ellen DeGeneres Show, he admitted 25 years later on, he fell in love with Sandra Bullock when two cameramen Speed.

The other day, a website in Malaysia reported that in an interview, Reeves admitted he had been alone. “I haven’t anyone else in my life,” the site quoted him as saying. His people on the Internet responded with a sigh of unison.

Then on Saturday, when Keanu Reeves’s representative corrected because they had determined he had been the one who would state such a thing that he’d never stated that, the topics were still not bothered.

A world perhaps not worthy of Keanu Reeves.

The desire of the Internet to discover the profound mystery of the mysterious Keanu Reeves puzzle, and to comfort the sufferings that it bends awareness of the news that he seems to be alone, is so strong. ie: to insist that exactly what the web site in Malaysia put up is real.

That stimulating sympathy recalled an event that is similar 2010 when snatching pictures of Keanu Reeves sitting on a park bench in New York City eating sandwiches, messy locks heads, and faces. bored, spread online.

Along with that picture may be the Keanu that is”melancholy meme; Fans even claim every June 15th to be “Day of encouragement for Keanu to cheer up”. But unlike the last “Ben Affleck” meme, which was a reaction to the unstoppable decrease associated with the image for the mind that is male the rough and fierce man in the public’s eyes, ended up being it Keanu sorrowful attached to joy when others see grief. It’s simply an atmosphere of letting go, there isn’t any longer any desire these days, which will be always a component that is direct of us.

Recently, quite a individuals who are few gone online to share their genuine “Keanu Stories”. (a quantity that is unbelievable of residents met him in the past or another, maybe because he often traveled alone and there were no elected crowd crowds like the majority of other celebrities). .

The image of him from anecdotes is a guy that is thoughtful understands his celebrity status but does not benefit from it, but is careful about their presence.

Following a journey from San Francisco to L.A had to help make an emergency landing in Bakersfield, Keanu Reeves aided passengers to call a passenger car to take them towards the remaining portion of the means; On the way, he read out details about Bakersfield and played country music on his phone for the team with him on it.

He signed a picture for a 16-year-old ticket boy during the movie theater after guessing him directly he ended up being too shy to ask. He called right in front of a bookstore that is separate a week, then went there by motorbike to get the new books he ordered.

My colleague Jessica Winter surely could join a famous Keanu story, even at that time though she didn’t know it. In a minute-long video that is on the web was filmed for a New York City subway car in 2011, Keanu Reeves stood up and invited a woman inside her arm to sit straight down on his seat.

Winter happened to sit next to Keanu Reeves if the video clip was filmed – she was a woman that is blonde-red was busy reading the magazine; Initially unaware of her famous friend.

Today when watching the video, Winter recalls Keanu Reeves’ dignity as soon as the reaction to recording had been: “He is as relaxed and radiant as being endowed but at the same time a bit confused, as I want to say: Why do you do this if he were? I do not mind, but maybe it isn’t my company. ”

If only 1 a lot more of us could learn that attitude of Reeves in his life. Sometimes it will be okay to cease for an instant, do absolutely nothing, let the world separate us that from ourselves for the moment as if to reassure. Let me personally be simply myself.

I have my own two Keanu Reeves tales, both sweet and short.

In 2006, during a performance of dancer Pina Bausch at the Brooklyn Institute of Music, I saw Keanu Reeves sitting in a couple of rows of seats – in the area that is low-fare his long legs stuck in the slim area ahead.

3 years later, at Film Forum, I saw him appear alone, coming out of a film theater of Kurosawa, carrying a case that is huge of. Those moments were not much, but I was very conservative like sometimes we picked up a crystal bead or a charm that is lucky.

Source: Naomi Fry – The New Yorker