Keep yourself feel good to exist in the crazy society.

An American therapist feeds huge horse-leeches in the room and lets them suck blood once a month to improve health. Therapist Ariane Khomjani cultivates 4 horse-leeches (Hirudinaria Manillensis) of Asian origin in the bedroom at Walnut Creeky, California, USA. Khomjani explained that each leech has his own personality, some adventurous, while others are timider. “Some […]
On August 5, the management company of the two artists said they were dating. Kang Daniel and Jihyo of girl group TWICE confirmed dating. Jihyo and Kang Daniel became lovers since the beginning of this year, after a time...
A 19-year-old American girl with her boyfriend made a porn video while her boyfriend was driving on the road. The video was later shared on social networks, which caused many netizens to be enraged by the disregard for their...
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