Top 10 most beautiful diamonds in the world.

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Hope Diamond (250 million USD).

Hope diamond is believed to have originated in India and was donated to King Louis XIV of France. Currently, Hope Diamond is displayed at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington (USA). This 45.42 carat diamond is valued at up to $ 250 million.

L’Incomparable Diamond necklace ($ 55 million).

L’Incomparable is the most expensive diamond necklace in the world. The 637 carat ring is crafted by the famous Mouawad jeweler and is priced at $ 55 million at a jewelry exhibition in Singapore in 2013.

Graff Pink ($ 46 million).

This 24.78 carat diamond once belonged to American jeweler Harry Winston, then sold by Sotheby to the famous diamond trader Laurence Graff for $ 46 million.

Sky Blue Diamond Ring ($ 15-25 million).

Crafted by Cartier, this 8.01 carat blue diamond ring joins the auction at Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels in Geneva, Switzerland on November 16, 2016. It is estimated that it costs about 15-25 million USD.

Winston Blue ($ 23.8 million).

Winston Blue weighs 13.22 carats and is considered the largest blue diamond in the world. This perfect stone is used by American jeweler Harry Winston Inc. bought for $ 23.8 million at Christie’s auction event in May 2014.

Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond ($ 19.9 million).

In 2008, this perfect diamond was bought by Laurence Graff for $ 19.9 million. The original diamond weighed 31.06 carats. After Graff uses 3 diamond cutters to remove impurities, the weight of this diamond is reduced by more than 4 carats.

Diamond drops (18.11 million USD).

Dubbed the world’s largest pear-shaped diamond, Miroir de l’Amour earrings weighing 123.43 carats were sold for $ 18.11 million at Christie’s auction event (Geneva, Switzerland) on 11/15/2016.

The diamond ring Le.28 d’Isabelle perfectly 147.28 carats also sold for 8.03 million USD.

Blue Belle of Asia (17.7 million USD).

This 392,52 carat Ceylon sapphire stone is sold at Christie’s auction floor in Geneva, Switzerland in 2014 with a record price of $ 17.7 million.

Emerald and Diamond Tiara (12.7 million USD).

Crafted around 1900, this beautiful crown was formerly owned by Princess Katharina Henckel von Donnersmarck of Germany. In May 2011, it sold for $ 12.7 million at Sotheby’s Magnificent and Noble Jewels Sale auction in Geneva, Switzerland.

Onyx and Diamond Panther Bracelet ($ 12.4 million).

Exquisite bracelet with diamond and agate. This is a Cartier design in 1952. The Sotheby’s ring was auctioned on September 23, 2010 in London, England for $ 12.4 million.