TOP 10 “super fast” broken marriages of Korean celebs.

Looking back at the Korean entertainment industry, many marriages of famous people end quickly and make noise in the media. There are shocking stars when married life is only based on days.

1. Kim Chung Hee and Bae businessman: 3 days.

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Kim Chung (also known as Kim Chung Hee or Kim Cheong Hui) was born in 1962, is a familiar actress in Korean dramas, often playing gentle mothers. Few people know that Kim Chung had a marriage that only lasted 3 days.

In 1981, Kim Chung admired many people when holding a cult wedding with businessman Bae. However, after only 3 days, the actress declared a divorce that shocked the whole Korean. Later, the actress revealed in an interview: “At that time I was in love with another person. After breaking up with him, I was so miserable that I agreed to Bae’s marriage proposal. After the honeymoon I realized the mistake, my husband was just playing gambling without bothering to eat and sleep. ”

2. Lee Min Young and Lee Chan: 12 days.

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Lee Min Young and Lee Chan are both less-known actors. They met on set, dated 2 years and married in December 2006. Lee Min Young cried non-stop on the wedding day.

However, shortly after the end of the honeymoon in Bali, the couple were shocked to announce their divorce. Initially, the two sides did not give a reason. A few days later, the reporter found Lee Min Young hospitalized with a bruised face, red nose. The actress’s family accused Lee Chan of assaulting his wife. Some sources said the violence caused Min Young to miscarry.

In early 2007, the actress announced that she will sue her husband for acts of violence and even dragged her out of the car, throwing it on the street. Lee Chan denies everything: “We quarreled in the car. Min Young said that I asked her to be famous, so I slapped her, but I didn’t punch her stomach and nose. ”

The actor was accused of assaulting his wife to the extent that she was hospitalized.
Although Lee Chan continued to deny attacking his wife, Lee Chan was still sentenced to two years of probation and 240 hours of public service.

3. Lee Sun Jung and LJ: 4 months.

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LJ and actress Lee Sun Jung were shocked when they decided to get married after only 45 days of dating. This marriage ended after 4 months. Sun Jung himself admitted this was a too hasty marriage. Both do not learn before personality, hobbies, conceptions and recognize differences in the process of coexistence. The actress announced that she did not regret the end of her fast marriage.

4. Myung Se Bin and Kang Ho Sung: 5 months.

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Myung Se Bin has been acting for many years but thanks to the movie Revenge Club broadcast in 2017, she received the attention she deserved. In 2007, Myung Se Bin married Kang Ho Sung. They met at a church.

But after only 5 short months, the actress and her husband divorced. Myung Se Bin said the couple had many disagreements and apologized for disappointing their partner. Se Bin said that even though their marriage soon ended, the two still respect each other and treat each other as good friends.

5. Hwang Shin Hye and Lee Jeong: 9 months.

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Hwang Shin Hye has been named the most beautiful beauty in Korean entertainment. The star, born in 1963, is marked by his cool appearance, with an emotional way of acting. The actress often plays adulterous women, having a wrong relationship in works such as Door of Hope, Blind Love, Lover …

In 1987, the actress stopped her career at the top of her career to marry Lee Jeong – head of Esquire. Mr. Hwang Shin Hye’s husband came from a family of tycoons. The actress revealed the reason for getting into the flower car quickly because … she was too infatuated with her husband. However, after only 9 months, the couple brought each other to court on the grounds that Lee Jeong often traveled away from home and made the actress worried. Hwang Shin Hye actively requested a divorce without compensation. Her husband’s house gave her a luxury apartment after divorce.

6. Miss Korea Han Sung Joo and Aekyung Group’s son: 10 months.

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Miss Korea Han Sung Joo became the focus of all of Asia when she revealed sex clips in 2011. She was prosecuted back and forth with powerful and wealthy men to benefit. The most shocking thing is Han Sung Joo acknowledged the collective relationship with 7 men.

Before the sex scandal broke out, Han Sung Joo’s private life was also dissected. She married the youngest son of Aekyung Group President. However, Han Sung Joo only worked as a tycoon bride for about 10 months and the couple broke up in silence.

7. Lee Sang Ah and Kim Han Suk: 1 year.

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Lee Sang Ah was praised with the title of “national sister” thanks to her pure beauty, charming smile. The actress, born in 1972, is best known for her role in The Last Match.

Lee Sang Ah’s quickest love is with comedian Kim Han Suk. Both married in 1997 but divorced shortly after that. The reason why each pair of people has never been revealed. The actress has been through 3 marriages but has no such endings and single mother.

8. Lee Sang Min and Lee Hye Young: 1 year 2 months.

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Lee Hye Young is a talented, influential woman of Korean fashion village. From a lesser-known actor, Hye Young created her own brand, favored by many girls. Her designs are available at many of Korea’s most popular shopping centers and earn 15 billion won in her first year of release. In 2014, Lee Hye Young married male rapper, singer Lee Sang Min after 8 years of love.

The couple dated 8 years before the wedding. However, after only 1 year and 2 months, Lee Hye Young filed for divorce and accused her ex-husband of cheating, adultery and fraud of 2.72 billion won. The beauty also accused Lee Sang Min of forcing her to be a nude model, using her name to borrow money from the bank and borrowing her friends for personal purposes (buying cars, eating meals and doing her own business).

Their divorce case and property dispute draw attention to the media and audience for a long time. In the end Lee Hye Young won the case but this still hurt her. Thanks to the help of friends and actresses returning to the business, continue to create a high-end brand and have a happy second marriage.

9. Kim Sae Rom and Lee Chan Oh: 1 year 4 months.

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Kim Sae Rom is a famous Korean model, having a unique personality and temperament on the stage. She married Chef Lee Chan Oh in 2015. Chef Lee has a tall body like a sports athlete, having been noticed when participating in reality shows Please Take Care of My Refrigerator.

Lee Chan Oh’s promiscuousness is what makes marriage broken. Only married for a few months but Kim Sae Rom has repeatedly encountered an adulterous husband. However, chef Lee also voiced his wife’s violence and provided a video of her kicking and cursing him at home.

10. Chae Jung An and Kim Sang Chul: 1 year 6 months.

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Actress Chae Jung An participated in films such as Coffee Prince, When A Man Loves, Prime Minister And I … She secretly married Kim Sang Chul businessman in 2005 when her career was at the peak period. high. However, only 1 year and 6 months later, the couple announced their divorce because of disagreement. The actress returned to work, appearing more beautiful and glamorous after the events. There are many rumors that Chae Jung An’s husband has an affair with her best friend.

Song – Song divorces.

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Most recently, Song – Song declared divorce made the fans shocked. Although Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo divorces is not in the Top 10 fastest Korea Celeb divorces, but this is the news that shocked the entertainment industry in Asia. The passionate love story of 2 actors ended quickly after 1 year and 8 months. The marriage that was admired by the public suddenly collapsed and a series of adultery rumors surrounded the two stars.