It is not always as romantic and sweet as a kiss. Sometimes, it also makes the actors extremely uncomfortable and insist on “from kissing”.

While there are countless men who want to have a chance to touch Julia Roberts’s lips once, Denzel Washington refuses this chance, and the “beautiful woman” joins the film “The pelican brief” in 1993.

Denzel Washington’s reason is extremely high, that the actor does not want to reinforce the notion that only beautiful white women are longing and there will be a sweet “lip lock” on the screen. : “Black women are often not considered an audience for film. But they are always my core audience. ”

Kevin Hart is not ready to close the “lock lips” scenes in gay movies. Indeed, this also makes Kevin Hart feel quite awkward because the famous male comedian is a “straight” guy.

Kevin Hart once said, “It’s because, I feel I can’t do that, because I don’t think I’ll be able to really sink into that character one hundred percent.”

Kirk Cameron was an ideal husband when he swore he would never kiss another woman except his wife, Chelsea Noble. That’s why when Cameron participated in the love scene in “Fireproof” (2008), the actor refused to be close to his partner. After that, the film producer had to ask Cameron’s wife, Chelsea Noble dressed as a female character in the film to “fire”.

The kiss scene between Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley in the movie “The spectacular now” (2013) actually took place without going smoothly because of the problem … the smell of breath came from both sides. Shailene Woodley hated the smell of Gatorade sports drinks you took and in response, the actress also chewed on some Chinese herbs that smelled quite unpleasant.