Basic mistakes that lose the taste of coffee

Even if you are a coffee enthusiast, you may be making common mistakes in processing, reducing the deliciousness of this drink.

Use of water is not hot enough: Many people never care about letting water reach the ideal temperature (from 90 degree C) when mixing to produce a perfect cup of coffee. Water in this temperature range will contribute to the most standard coffee flavor.

Use of old coffee powder: Small crushed coffee beans will start to evaporate pure flavor. Therefore, the longer you leave it, the less the taste will decrease. Investing in a coffee grinder will be a reasonable choice for believers who crush this drink.

Pour coffee into a cold cup: If you pour hot liquid into a lower temperature container, it will be difficult to keep it hot for long. Therefore, to ensure the deliciousness over time, just pour some hot water into the cup and pour it out before pouring the coffee.

coffee-2 Basic mistakes that lose the taste of coffee

Choose the wrong type of cup: The lovely cups of tea used to enjoy coffee instead of the regular cup will reduce the water temperature quickly. Therefore, a thick glass or ceramic cup will contribute to maintaining the heat of the coffee longer.

Use old coffee beans: Coffee beans roasted for three weeks back is the most ideal option for you to use. The easiest way to ensure this is to learn about baking days. Coffee roasters selling products on the website will usually label the bags with this information.

Self-estimation: Estimated eye-roasted bean spoons will be a habit that helps break down the taste of a cup of coffee. Grounded measurements will help you control the ingredients in a glass of water.

Sugar and poor quality milk: You should try to select all ingredients to make the cup of coffee in the best state. Many coffee shops have small brown sugar packages that are simply tastier than white sugar. You should also use whole milk.

coffee-3 Basic mistakes that lose the taste of coffee

Incorrect coffee and water ratio: Have you ever tasted a cup of coffee and thought something was missing? The reason may be because you have left too much water or coffee with incompatible proportions. The principle is that you should start two teaspoons with each cup and then add flavoring if necessary.

Ignore water quality: Normally, people will use tap water to make coffee. However, bottled water or bottled spring water will be more attractive.

Remove the old residue in the filter basket: If you are an occasional coffee drinker, make sure you remove the coffee grounds after mixing. If left in the filter for a few days, they may become moldy and you will need to completely clean the machine before reusing it.

coffee-4 Basic mistakes that lose the taste of coffee

Put coffee in the wrong place: You should store coffee in a box with an airtight lid, placed on a shelf, in a dry place and without moisture.

Forget cleaning coffee machine: Like everything else in the kitchen, your coffee maker needs to be cleaned regularly. You should clean the safety container, filter basket and lid thoroughly after each use. At least once a month, you should clean the maker with water mixed with vinegar.